Vintage Sewing

The Mad Men Megan Draper Coat

By on January 21, 2014

This coat is my big winter project – it’s been a major operation – lots of reasons but basically life has gotten in a way a bit. It’s a 1970s Nina Ricci Vogue pattern that I bought on ebay. The fabric is Marc Jacobs from Mood.  This coat was a ton of work, but very satisfying to sew.  I used pad-stitching and basically all the tailoring techniques outline in “Tailoring.”  I was going for a retro look but with a modern twist.  My personal style is no longer “retro,” but I appreciate the aesthetics of the past.  I wanted something like the coats I remember my cool aunts wearing in the early 70s.   I was hugely inspired by Megan Draper from Mad Men – I adore her Youth Glamor style. I’m sure her version of this coat would have been shorter though!   More photos and progress shots on my blog:  I love that this coat works both with the more ladylike dress ‘n’ heels look and my more usual jeans and boots outfit.   



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Vintage Sewing

Mad Men / Pattern magic Mash-up

By on September 19, 2013

I’ve sewn This particular pattern many times, it’s a Butterick reproduction from the mid-50s. It has a great, tight-fitting bodice, which, as it turns out is the major requirement for drafting Pattern Magic designs.


The fabric is vintage Thai silk that has sat in various stashes for almost fifty years, I sewed it on a 63 year old Featherweight, and obviously used a vintage pattern. Sew Retro indeed!

Lesson learned: Pattern Magic doesn’t have to be that hard AND has some very vintage designs.  Give it a whirl.

I have more details on my blog!

And hmmmm… I have no idea why my pictures are all so small.  Oh well!


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