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Hello all!

I just wanted to share my most recent creation. I wasn’t sure about posting it on here, but I had a change of heart after the positive feedback from my blog and Facebook.

This honestly has to be my least favorite dress I’ve ever made. I fee like it makes me look wider than I am. I believe it’s because I choose plaid and it’s gathered at the waist.

The dress was simple to make and didn’t take me all that long. I used vintage embroidered plaid fabric from my stash. The only issue I had was the bodice fitting me big, but that was easily fixed by taking it through the darts.

I feel like this dress looks great on my mannequin and the hanger, but not me. I also feel like a pilgrim with the oversized collar LOL

Well, I guess all dresses can’t be winners!



Hi! It’s been a good minute since I was able to post something! I recently participated in the fall for cotton sew along. This is what I made (:

I used Simplicity’s 2370 from 1957. The fabric I used is 100% cotton for “home decor” purposes, but thought a dress would suit it better! Now I can tell you all about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good: This dress was extremely easy to sew and fit perfectly!


The bad: I messed up the skirt back by cutting it in half. However I was able to fix it by moving the darts and tailoring out the excess material.


The ugly: The dress fit great everywhere, but the pleats at the midsection created this ugly poof!! It made me look like I had a beer belly. I couldn’t the skirt in from the side because then I would not be able to walk or sit. After going back with the iron, I was able remove some of the poofyness. Missy from Technicolor Cutie, Tasha from By Gum, By Golly, and my mom had the genius idea of sewing in the pleats together to create darts. I did not attempt this because by this point I wasn’t too bothered with the poof after the extra ironing. I will probably have to do this in the future though because I don’t want to take an eternity to carefully iron the darts every time I wear this dress.


and now I can present to you…my finished dress!


For more pictures or curious about the fabric, you can check out my blog, Through the Alley


Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted something, but it’s always crazy to find time to take pictures of the things I make with school and work. Anyways, I wanted to share a dress that I made about a year ago and never got around to posting it. I used DuBarry’s 2154B from the 1930′s. I made it in like 2 days, but I ended up ruining the fabric! My iron setting was too high for the fabric, so there’s these funky burn marks everywhere. Thus I didn’t even bother fixing the crooked skirt seams. I suppose it was a good practice dress for the final draft, which I’m feeling very uninspired to start and finish. I guess you could say I just haven’t found the perfect fabric. So to remake or give up?

For more pictures check out my blog,Through the Alley!


Hi all! I’m finally finished with my semester at school, so I celebrated by sewing myself a dress. I decided to go with a maternity pattern because I wanted something empire waisted. I chose to make the dress in the middle of the picture. (McCall’s 6576 C. 1962)

I needed to resize the pattern since it is designed for pregnant women. After looking at the pieces I decided I wasn’t going to like the dress, even resized.

I ended up whipping out my pattern blocks and just designed something based off of the picture. I ended up adding four darts at the front of the bodice and two darts on the back of the bodice. I also made the dress zipper-less because I just wanted something that I can easily throw on. I also decided to go with a boat neck and a somewhat low back.

Here’s my final product!

For more pictures, check out my blog!