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I try once this Mc Call’s patterns but doesn’t like me completely. So, when I found this wool fabric I think to make a dress using this patterns,but changing the sleeve, the neck and make a little thight in the waist part. and with some bow looks nice, don’t you?


I made this amazing blouse with a fabric thata a firnd o mine buy me in cophenagen! I really love the bow and the collar. I use a simplicity sewing pattern, I just make with a longsleeve  


          Hey girl, IƬ’ got the pattern of this lovely floral dress form a cute dress I think from the ’60, I’ve bought it but it fit me too small!!:( So I re-made it in my size!!Hope you like it!!

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t’s with great satisfaction that I introduce you my new tailleur, jenas jacket and jeans skirt, that i sew by myself from a semplicity patterns from the ’60. hope you like it!