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Green Vintage Dress

By on October 23, 2013

This is my first post on here!  I was so excited to find a site like this for all of us vintage sewing enthusiast.  I finally feel like I fit in!  I am the kind of person with zero patience and if I am going to sew myself something I want to wear it right away.  So I had this pattern for awhile but couldn’t think of any occasion to wear it.  Finally we were invited to our friends surprise birthday party and had the perfect occasion for this dress.  I wanted it to be green but had a hard time picking out the fabric.   I had decided on a linen kelly green by Robert Kaufman that I had ordered online.  It was a tad brighter then I had hopped for but I actually grew to really love the color.


This is the original pattern, but I changed the neckline into a v-neck because it just wasn’t fitting me right.

I took out my handy seam ripper and went to work.

Had I known that I was going to change the neckline I would have sewn it a lot differently.  But it turned out okay  (Its good to think of each project as a learning experience).  It fit great and we had a wonderful time.

This is me attempting to do what is called the “Cupid Dance”.  The whole time I thought that they were calling it the “Cuban Dance”.  My husband got quite a laugh watching me attempt this.

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