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Pink Bullet Bra

By on December 13, 2013

I’ve recently picked up some bra making skills (as documented on my blog) and am so excited that I can now experiment with different vintage bra shapes.

I also discovered a great site for retro lovers, called Foundations Revealed, which has various articles on how to draft and make retro bra styles (although the majority of the site is dedicated to corsetry). Most articles are only available for paying members, so I decided to become a paying memeber for a while and devoured all the articles on retro bra drafting and construction. I ended up drafting and sewing my own bullet bra. Yeah!

I practised both fitting and construction on a trial bra and then made this much more successful second one. Still not a perfect fit but very much improved. This was so much fun that I’m planning to make many more vintage-inspired bras in the new year.

Happy sewing!

And for more on this bullet bra, you can read my blog post here.

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A Purple Bombshell

By on July 8, 2013

Hello there Sew Retro-ers! I hope you are having a lovely summer. Mine is surprisingly summery and sunny and gave me a chance to flaunt my new Bombshell Swimsuit on the beach.

This is the first swimsuit I ever made and despite some extra engineering steps that went into supporting the bust, sewing this swimsuit was amazingly straightforward.  It’s really not a difficult project, especially if your boobs are happy with no extra support and you can just go along and sew everything as per instructions.

If your boobs need extra support, Heather’s super-detailed Sew-Along includes some suggestions for constructing extra support. I will also be posting some inside construction details of my added padding and boning for this swimsuit in a post on my blog later this week.

So, don’t fear the swimsuit!  I love my Bombshell and the super retro look it gives me!

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Vintage-inspired Dress Out of Old Curtains

By on June 27, 2013

This dress is both thrifty and fashionable 🙂 I bought this left-over curtain material from a flea market for 3 Euros and drafted up this vintage-inspired concoction.

I’ve recently been obsessing over vintage drafting manuals and have tried various kimono + gusset shapes to make a variety of close-fitting kimono-sleeved tops and dresses. This dress has kimono sleeves with gusset-like panels underneath the arms that shape into princess seams. I have a schematic of this on my blog if this explanation didn’t quite make sense. 🙂

The skirt is cut out of 4 rectangles and pleated. This was the only way I could squeeze out a somewhat voluminous skirt out of the little fabric I had. At the back I cut a V-shaped neckline.

I love this dress and the neon pink flowers of the material. It’s such a happy, summery dress 🙂

For more pics and infos, you can visit my blog.

Happy Vintage Sewing!

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A Blue Polka-Dot Sencha

By on May 15, 2013

Oh my! I haven’t posted here in ages! I used to post on the old sew retro page but don’t even know if I have ever posted on this site. So this post is long overdue 🙂

I’ve been reading along all the while but never shown you any vintage-inspired garments of my own. I don’t sew much from vintage patterns because vintage sizing scares me, so I’d rather make my own pattern or use a modern one.

My new Colette Sencha has a super-vintagey look but is made from a modern pattern.

This is my second Sencha. I have made one previously in 2010 but it no longer fits me. Alas, I passed it over to a friend who can hopefully get some use out of it.

For the back closing I used vintage buttons from my stash. I think they go well with the white polka-dot pattern.

If you’d like to see more of my sewing creations you can visit me on my blog: http://starcross-sewing.blogspot.co.uk/.

Happy Vintage Sewing!


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