I might be doing some light corsetry? Maybe?



I’ve been wanting to make my own bras for a while, but none of my research was really inspiring me (underwires, yuck).  When I saw this post on Wearing History (through this blog I believe!), I thought: wait a second.  Why not take some cues from corsetry instead?  So I drafted this up.  It’s based on Regency short stays but in no way intended to be period accurate.  I’m not sure how wearable it will be, but I guess I’ll see when it’s finished!  I pinned the most useful visual resources I found on my Pinboard, and I will hopefully have a post up on Regency corsetry resources soon, since somebody else should benefit from my several evenings’ worth of research!


This project has also been sparking a lot of thought for me about self-sufficiency, invention, and self-made wardrobes.  If that’s your cup of tea, the full post is over here at my blog.  :)


Hi Sew Retro friends!  My name is Jessie, I blog over at Some Things I Have Made, and I draft all my own patterns.  It’s a pain in the ass, but I’m dedicated (and cheap).

I’ve been wanting a back-button blouse for ages–I blame Gertie–but I knew I wanted it in wool jersey, and my comfort level with knits is pretty low.  This project came together pretty slowly, as I had a lot of research to do on sewing with knits.  Then, once the fabric came in, it turned out much narrower than I expected, and cutting on the grain was important because of the direction of stretch (and the distinct large-windowpane check)–in short, there was some jiggery-pokery involved.


I basically want to wear this every day now.  It’s as warm and comfortable as a sweater, but lightweight enough to tuck in at the waist.  For the next version (I’ve got more wool jersey coming in the mail!) I will probably even leave the bottom hem minimally (or even un-) finished, to reduce bulk at the hip line.

More pictures and construction details at my blog!

(The trousers, which photograph really seventies but were inspired by Katharine Hepburn, are blogged here.)