Vogue 8767 – Dress and Jacket

By on May 13, 2012



In this post I shared the toile I made up using Vogue 8767 – a late 30’s jacket and dress combo.  The fitting on the actress went beautifully – the only thing I had to do was nip the jacket in at the waist a little bit.

Done in a lightweight silk jacquard – which was great for the dress, but proved to be far too thin for the jacket.  I ended up using fusible lightweight interfacing on the front and back peplum pieces, and flat-lined the body and sleeves to some medium-weight lining fabric.  It seems to have given the jacket enough body and structure.  Hooray!

And: just for fun, all of the toiles hanging out together before the fittings earlier this week.  (The fifth is on a hanger in the back – not enough dress forms!)  They look like a lively bunch, eh? 🙂







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Superior Pattern Company #1908 – Mid-20’s day dress

By on May 4, 2012

I DO actually have some finished pieces… not just muslin toiles! 😉

This dress was created for the character of Fraulein Schneider in a local university production of ‘Cabaret’.  Although the play is set in 1930/31, I decided to set F. Schneider’s fashion in the mid 20’s – she’s a working class woman, older, and would certainly not be as fashionable as the 19-year old Sally Bowles. 🙂

The pattern had to be graded up for the actress – which really isn’t that much work for these 20’s dresses. 🙂  I used some vintage lace details at the cuff and bodice to bring the dress into the world of the play:

(The ratty jacket in the back is for a different play!)

More photos at my blog, here!

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Vintage Vogue 2671: Yet one more toile…

By on May 2, 2012

I promise, at some point, these will actually get made up in the actual fabric. 🙂  I have five toiles to complete, for two actresses – it makes sense to get them all finished and just do a single fitting, as opposed to bringing the actresses in for multiple fittings.  But I AM getting tired of muslin…

And, the toile:



I’m glad that I did the finishing work on this one, as well – the finishing on the neck plackets was a little weird.  I’m having so much fun experimenting with these vintage patterns!

More photos at my blog, here!



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1930s | Aprons

1930’s Sears Catalog Apron

By on April 29, 2012

I work in theatre – and for some reason, last year was the year of the apron.  Almost every production I worked on featured aprons of some sort – from mid-19th c. aprons for ‘Jane Eye’ to some super cute 30’s aprons for ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ and ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs’.

I used this ad copy from a mid-30’s Sears catalog as my source material:

Sears Catalog Ad Copy

I drafted a pattern for the apron on the bottom right – cute bib, curved collar, bias edging.  The stripes made into self-bias make me deliriously happy. 🙂

More photos at my blog, here!

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Vintage Vogue 8767 – Dress and Jacket Toile

By on April 27, 2012

I’m sewing five 1930’s dresses for our theatre’s production of ‘Fallen Angels’ next month – this next one is using Vogue 8767, from their ‘Vintage Vogue’ line.   From the pattern envelope:



The finished product will be done in a beautiful red silk jacquard , with sheer red for the jabot.  I can’t wait to see how that silk drapes – it should be beautiful!  In the meantime, my toile:


Fairly basic construction, although the jabot facing was a little fiddly.  We’re doing this in a medium weight silk with a nice drape, so hopefully the bias facing will go in easier than the bias tape I cheated with for the toile. ;)

More photos at my blog, here!

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1930s | Dresses

McCall’s 7345 – 1930’s adorableness!

By on April 26, 2012

Hi there – long time reader, first time poster. 🙂

I work in a university theatre department, and I’ll be putting together a number of 1930’s patterns for a play this summer.  I usually draft my own patterns – but time is of the essence, and all my student labor has gone home for the summer!

First up is a 1930’s McCall’s pattern:


Super cute, eh?  The challenge on this one was that my actress has a bust that’s about 8″ larger than the pattern bust – so it had to be severely graded up.   The toile looks very promising, though:

I can’t wait to try it on my actress and put it together in the fashion fabric!

More photos on my blog, here and here.

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