This post is going to be short and sweet because the writing sector of my brain isn’t quite cooperating with me at the moment. I have had these 2 vintage bedsheets sitting in my stash for quite a while so I thought today that I would pull them out and get creative with them! The [...]


Hey everyone I have seen several blogs/youtube vidoes and the like here and there mentioning that someone went to a vintage show, or vintage themed fair and I was just wondering how you find out about these things? Is there like a little database somewhere that has the big ones listed? Or is it mostly [...]

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So I finally made a dress that fits correctly!! Hooray!!!!!! After 2 muslins, a whole lot of time, and frustration later I got this! You have no idea how incredibly excited I am to finally have made a dress that fits the way it is supposed to!                 [...]


This is going to be a short post on here as I made a much more detailed one on my blog about sewing my first official dress! I used this popular retro butterick pattern B5478 , paired it with a lovely polished cotton that I picked up at a second hand store for a bargain [...]


Well I took a few trips to some 2nd hand stores in my area and came up with some fantastic finds this weekend! several vintage and 1 modern pattern that were all 1.00 a piece! they are all complete…one of them is a little wrinkly but they have all instructions and everything included. the top [...]


I am a long time follower but this is my first time contributing. I have always been fascinated by vintage fashions…the colors…the prints…the materials…Just everything. I envy the people able to wear the styles from way back and have often been told that I was “Born in the wrong era” That being said…This is my [...]