And presented to you prior to the wash – so please ignore the blue chalk marks that litter the garment.

 Thanks to everyone in this wonderful community for your assistance in the fitting.

I am wearing a crinoline under the skirt to give it a bit of volume.  Its not very ‘foofy’, I may boost it up or make a new one.  Do you think it could be more voluminous ?

Next thing on the list is a cute fluffy pink angora bolero from Bea’s knit along, teams with it perfectly methinks?

Not much more to be said, but you’re welcome to visit me here.



Vogue 2960 progress

by sewredhot on September 18, 2010 · 11 comments

in Vintage Sewing

Front skirt seam needs to come in about an inch.

Waist stay and buttons still to go, not to mention hemming.

But coming along nicely.

And a lesson learned when you mark the pleats on this dress, do it on the right side of the fabric.   I marked on the wrong side and sewed them in place and when it came to sew it together, I realised I had the pleats going in the wrong direction.  It wouldnt matter on a fabric that has no ‘right side’.  Spewing.

How’s that set of vintage 50s beads.  Do they work or what ?!



Thanks to all those fantastic people that left messages and drawings.  I knew you’d be able to help me!

I shortened the waist by half an inch and put a dart in the back piece like so (I traced my pattern piece onto thick interfacing – its so easy to make alterations to!)

and then I sewed it up and put the skirt on this time.   Ran out of bedspread material so hacked into some poly cotton from my stash.

I love the lay of the skirt.  The pleats are too perfect for words!

So unless anyone has any further comments – I think its time to get cutting on my fashion fabric!

Thanks again, you were awesome.



Hi all

I’m currently working on the gorgeous vogue 2960.

and I wonder if I could have your valuable assistance with bodice fitting issues.

The front is nice although the shoulders slip off – wondering if probably just some bra-keeping device will solve this issue.   So not too concerned here.  Do you think it could come up just a smidge higher though ?

But the back is where it all goes horribly wrong.

You can see if I stretch out it all sits flat so I’m presuming I need that ease?  But when its relaxed is super baggy.

I tried taking in the upper bodice back by a couple of centimetres:

but it didnt help, it just ends up gaping elsewhere.

And just to add another issue into the mix, I’m thinking of raising the back by a few centimetres as I don’t want to be running around buying new bras so that the strap doesnt show.  Obviously this will impact any fitting adjustments I make now.   I’d be grateful if you could consider this for me?

And PS my body doesnt look this bad in real life.  Its some sort of fisheye perspective problem with the camera!  The freckles I can’t do anything about though.  And the muffin top is being addressed by twice weekly zumba.

Thanks very much for looking and for any help you can give me.


I’ve blogged about it here, but its the same post, so I’ll be checking both for your invaluable advice.