Time to show of my Jim jams for Did you make that’s Pyjama party!  How close is my head to the roof?


I picked up this vintage fabric from Fabric-a-brac (blogged here) and I knew it had to become a dress! The fabric is good enough that I could have even made a jacket – but alas there was only 2 meters!


I’ve been working on this early 60s coat for awhile and I finished the hand stitching this weekend. Initially it had a collar but I didn’t have enough fabric to make a full front facing so off came the collar! The fit is similar to the 50s style car coats – it’s shapeless and only [...]


Today I will be showing you a variation on Burda Shift Dress 09/2012 #107 This variation turns the top into a 50s/60s shell style top with a cross back. You can use Burda 09/2012 #107 or Collette patterns Laurel as your base as we only need the front and part of the back of the pattern. If you have another [...]


Suzy Bishop – the young heroine of the movie Moonlight Kindgom has a pretty enviable set of outfits. The wardrobe was put together by Kasia Walicka Maimone who was interviewed in the Lula Issue 16 (where she talked about working with Wes and making the costumes for the movie) And the whole movie is set in the [...]


  Step in shirt dress with or without top-stitch trim has bias collar and full length shirt sleeves; pockets in side seams Last year I purchased this sweet shirt dress pattern from eBay. It’s a lovely dress from 1967 and has all those things you’d expect from a late 60s dress like Bishop Sleeves and [...]