Today I have my latest sewing project to show you!


Ooh my it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an actual project! This item is a reproduction of Biba’s Pink Gingham dress


How nice it is to finish projects - especially those which are so simple and leave you feeling like an expert!  This sewing project was an aim to get back to the simpleness of sewing and 60s design. A shift dress with contrasting collar and cuffs. No fussy bows or ruffles, just plain, simple and easy.  Something reminiscent of [...]


After taking my time to make this, I have finaly finished my Barbara Hulanicki inspired dress  I actually finished this last weekend, but never got to take photos! Cheeky me, but finally this lovely lady is complete and I love it! Its soft and feminine and even if it’s really more 70s than 60s, I must argue [...]


I honestly thought I wouldn’t like this dress once it was complete. I liked the fabric, but it had a kind of cliché 60s feel to it with the daisies and bright green and so on, but now that it’s sewn up, I’m pretty darn happy that it is so typically 60s


I have been reading the Foale and Tuffin biography recently and as an insight to the name of this dress, I have named it after Sally Tuffin. Dress designer of the pair of “two cocky, feisty bolshy, arty, clever-clogs young women” For those of you who might not be familiar with them, Marion Foale and [...]


It’s been a rather nice weekend – warm and sunny 23 degrees which is lovely for Winter and hopefully and indicator of the next few months to come This new dress will be perfect for when the warmer weather arrives and I’m very excited to show it to you!


Have you ever seen the 1968 Peter Sellers movie “The Party”? It’s a slapstick comedy set at the party of a Hollywood director. What starts out as a sophisticated dinner party soon turns into an overblown rave with drunk waiters, pools turned into giant bubble baths and a painted baby elephant! It’s rather fun and [...]


Oh my how the past 2 weeks have flown! So many things keeping one occupied and exhausted but I always make the time to sew! I have made 2 dresses recently, but I only have one edited and ready for show today Stockings from Modcloth, Shoes – opp shopped


Oh my ! How much stress this suite caused me. But in the end it turned out very well! I cut this pattern 5 weeks ago, and other than a break to make another dress, I’ve been stitching little bits of this jacket, making improvements on the fit and fiddling around with “tailoring techniques” (which [...]