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Memorial Day Dress

By on June 9, 2012
heron border print dress

Just recently finished this dress (getting the bulk of it done over Memorial Day weekend), based on the 1970s Simplicity 7011 pattern.

heron border print dress

The construction was pretty simple, except for the portions where I altered the border print placement. A great summer dress, I think, and I got compliments on it all day!

pattern picture

The pattern works out quite well for maternity wear, but I am also glad that I’ll enjoy wearing it after the bump is replaced by a baby. 🙂

Pictures and more details on the construction and alterations I made (minimal) can be found at my blog.

And just to make sure I’m giving enough information on these blogposts at We Sew Retro, please let me know if you want more information included here before I direct you to my blog. I want to make sure you enjoy the read here, but also don’t feel I’m waxing overly detailed either.





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The Year Is Still New Reversible Cocktail Dress

By on January 9, 2012
reversible dress, both options
reversible dress, both options
Reversible cocktail dress, with exposed zipper

Hello We Sew Retro community!  This is my first post here, as this is my first vintage pattern for years.  I’ve been enjoying following this blog for the past few months; you seamsters are aMAZing!

I made this dress using Vogue pattern 5538, which I had received in a pattern swap in November. I used a curtain, which had two distinctly different sides. Instead of deciding one over the other, I decided to make the dress reversible.

Vogue Pattern 5538
Vogue Pattern 5538, with curtain used for dress

The exposed zipper on the black side was green so that I could also then use the existing hem from the curtain. Color-blocking in the most basic of fashions.

I’m not sure if I’ll do the bolero with the remaining curtain fabric. I have a beaded piece that I’d like to use with the fabric because they go so well together. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

More details on my blog: The Seek Speak

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