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First Time Re-Sizing: Anne Adams R4769

By on May 15, 2017

I have spent a long time trying to build up the courage to attempt re-sizing a vintage pattern and I finally took the plunge last week. While I definitely need to work out a ton of kinks, I could not be happier about finally trying. After a lot of unpicking and re-stitching I was able to stitch up Anne Adams R4769 in a wearable size!

You can read more about my adventure (and all of my mishaps) with this garment over at my blog. This experiment has rekindled my passion for sewing and I now can’t wait to start on another one!

Until next time . . . happy sewing!

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1950s | Dresses | Vintage Sewing

1950’s Cocktail Dress Revival

By on February 15, 2017

I hit a sewing bump 2 months ago. I lost all motivation to keep sewing. I stopped even trying to find a project to inspire me and then last week as I was cleaning out my closet I stumbled upon this 1950’s cocktail dress that I bought to fix up over a year ago. My fears of fixing it had sent it to the back of my closet where it had been forgotten.

It was riddled with holes. I started picking it apart piece by piece. This also allowed me to create a pattern out of the dress for future creations!

I created a lace overlay for all of the pieces, basted it on and then re-assembled the whole dress.

Once it was re-assembled I found I had created my dream cocktail dress out of what was once something I had at the bottom of the repair pile.

You can read more about this save over on my blog. In the meantime, I will be busy tackling that repair pile in hopes of finding another gem!

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Vintage for Halloween and Everyday

By on November 1, 2016

I just love when I get to do a Halloween costume that will be worn as an everyday outfit as well. Because who really wants to put a ton of work into a dress that will only be worn once. I was beyond thrilled when I asked my 2 year old daughter what she wanted to be for Halloween this year and she responded with an enthusiastic, Lucy!! Followed by her favorite quote, “do you poop out at parties?”.

Her dress was created by altering a pattern I already had on hand (The Dainty Darling dress) in one of my favorite sewing books, “Sew Classic Clothes for Girls” by Lindsay Wilkes.


My dress was created using Butterick’s B6018.


I have to admit, I am so beyond pleased with this pattern. I think I am going to have to sew it up again in view b.


But the best part of our costumes, is the fact that only the aprons were the costume-y bits and we can wear our dresses out again for a wonderfully vintage mommy and me look!


You can read more about my make at my blog, Seams Sew Retro.

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McCalls 6331 Turned Into a Rockabilly Playsuit

By on July 17, 2016

This was perhaps one of the funnest challenges I have presented myself with. I have been dying to have a vintage playsuit but just do not have the funds to buy a true vintage one, nor a vintage pattern for one! But I did have the funds to buy an older McCalls romper pattern, #6331 that would do the job. A little bit of creativity combined with, what I am calling, a fly-away circle skirt, and I had the pin-up/rockabilly outfit of my dreams to wear to a beach bash dance I was attending.

IMG_6661 (2)

IMG_6671 (2)

You can read more about this make over on my blog, Seams Sew Retro!

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Simplicity 8051: Red Rockabilly Dress

By on June 22, 2016

I am fairly new to garment sewing so it took me a bit to work up the courage to share my most recent make. Without further ado, I would like to present my red polka dot rockabilly dress!



I created it using Simplicity’s 8051. I know I didn’t get very creative with my fabric choice . . . what can I say? I just loved the pattern envelope so much I decided to completely mimic it. I just love the unexpected peek-a-boo back.


You can read more on my make over at my blog: Seams Sew Retro! Thanks for letting me share with you!

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