I love the look of PUG’s bra tops but was not OK with spending $60 on one item of clothing. So I decided to make one. I also had some super cute new clip on earings and Bakelite that I wanted to match up with an outfit. So my stripe-y creation was born! If you [...]


I finally finished my Colette Jasmine shirt! I first put a much too heavy of a collar on the shirt and it looked just awful. I ended up picking it off and going to a much lighter nylon. I am happy I did, the look came out great. In this desert heat, this shirt is [...]


I feel like I have been gone forever! Mid July we went on a mini vacation/wedding of a cousin and I have been nonstop since! Making my classroom ready for a new year is consuming my time! I wish it was sewing that was taking me away! Anywho- for the wedding/vacation I wanted a new [...]


I need some help with the Simplicity 3748 retro shorts. They came out just awful! They look great until I put them on and then they are a hot mess and a 1/2. This was a “practice” set made from some free material, but I am still upset at how they turned out. I am [...]


I recently got a snippet (If you have not signed up for them, I suggest to do so )  from Colette about ways to improve your dart making skills. And I don’t know about you, but I always fuss over how my darts look! No matter what I do they aren’t perfect; chalk, pins, basting [...]


After calling for help in an earlier post on my blog and wanting to throw my fabric down after what seemed like hours of youtube tutorials I used an awesome tutorial by Melanie on Seamstress: Poppykettle on welt pockets. I am proud to say after what seemed like hours I have made my first welt [...]


I have learned the hard way that you shouldn’t actually CUT your patterns! When I first started teaching myself to sew (thank you Youtube) all the tutorials had you CUT your patterns, so I did too! This went on for years until I messed up cutting the wrong size pattern and I purchased my first [...]


Now that I have a few moments to breathe I am finally updating all the forums and blogs that I belong to! It is a tradition that I, as I am sure many of you, go to VLV Rockabilly Weekender every year. I save fabric finds through-out the year and in procrastinator style, feverishly sew [...]