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By on September 6, 2016


So, I’ve been studying a lot lately and I simply needed a break! And what better way to relax than sewing something, right?

I’ve been eyeing this fabric for a long while now. It had been on sale, then back to it’s original price and the last time it was on sale I finally decided to buy some yards. Hopefully I’ll find it again online so I can buy some more and make a swing skirt or a dress with a fuller skirt. It’s also a 100% cotton (so a total desaster in terms of wrinkles :/ )

Anyhow, I didn’t have a lot of time so I skipped on the lining of the skirt (which I will add in a week or two, depending on how much time my exams will leave me) and I also need to buy new buttons. I don’t like the white ones.

Let me show you :3



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Mille Fleur and Mango Lassi

By on July 9, 2016

Hello everyone!

Even though I’m in the middle of my exams, I wanted to add to my (quite small actually) summer wardrobe. I love sewing with summer-y fabrics like cotton and rayon. It’s super easy, super fast, they’re not complicated in any way.

The first dress I’d made was done in about 8 hours. The pattern was super simple, I made it myself and simply drew it on the fabric. No fuss, maybe 10 seams in total, some elastic and pompoms 😀


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New favourite summer dress

By on June 6, 2016


Haven’t been here in a while 😀 I hope you’re all doing great!

Here in Germany the weather is going coo-coo. First it’s super warm and sunny and in the next second it’s raining cats and dogs 🙁

Fortunately for sewing you don’t have to be an outdoors-y person, so I made a dress this saturday 😀

The details:

– cotton

– lining in the top part is white cotton and the bottom is some silky satin-thingy

– zip in the back

– piping along the neckline

– the bows are real, not fake, you can actually tie them

Aaaand I guess that’s it 😀

The pattern is made by me and I hope you like it!


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Burda 7179

By on November 27, 2015

Hello everyone!

After waiting 2 weeks for the buttons to arrive, I finally finished this dress!

It’s made of a medium thick wool (keeps me warm! ), it’s lined with usual polyester lining and for the first time, I used bound buttonholes. Really gives the garment a nice finish. I took a detail picture as well. 9 in total took me quite some time to sew, but alas, they’re done now and they’re okay 😀


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Christmas Outfit – Sencha from Colette

By on October 26, 2015

Hello ladies!

I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I’m already thinking about what to wear for Christmas xD

A few days ago I found this golden Satin-y fabric in my stash which didn’t look cheap at all. It’s not the polyester kind which is often used for cheap Halloween costumes. I think it’s cotton? In German it literally translates to “cotton-sateen” or “cotton-satin”. Basically, cotton which was manipulated to look shiny and then woven like satin (it’s called Atlas here.)

So I thought, why not use it for something that looks more festive. The past couple years I only wore loose fitting sweaters and a pair of sweat pants to Christmas. We’re not  very formal during the holidays. This year though, I asked if we could go somewhere to eat or if we could cook something nice and big.

Yadda yadda, we’re still going to stay at home but I decided to be all nice and fancy anway.

I chose the Sencha blouse from Colette. This is my third time makin this blouse and yet I still make the same mistakes!

If the sleeves look odd to you…well they are. I don’t have the mojo to change them right now but I eventually will.



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By on August 10, 2015


In about three weeks I’m going to move to a town three hours away from home. University starts in September here in Germany, so it’s a necessary evil to finally start sorting out things I don’t need.

While I tried to reduce my fabric stash yesterday, I found an unfinished jumpsuit and decided to take a break and do what’s needed to finish it.

All in all, I simply sewed on the buttons and hemmed the legs 😛

The pattern is actually the WWII Overall from Wearing History!

The pockets and upper part is lined with the same fabric as the blouse which I made a couple years back (I guess about 2 years? The jumpsuit was also waiting to be finished for about 2 years xD ) and I decided to use bias tape on the seam allowance.

I’m still deciding wheter or not I should change the buttons to something with more yellow in it? Or plain white?

DSCF4648 DSCF4650


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