Claire Cooper

I made this dress from a rather large shift dress. It’s a self drafted bodice with retro styling paired with Gertie’s Pencil skirt from her book.

The fabric is satin backed crepe. It’s a lovely dress to wear and feels silky smooth.

Bodice detail

Bodice detail


More details over on my blog – ragbagsandgladrags


Yes I know, not exactly completely sewn (just the lining), but this has been a labour of love over the last few weeks. I discovered the pattern on Etsy several months ago and was keen to try my hand at crocheting. I had the perfect opportunity a few weeks ago as I was recovering from an op and unable to sew. I loved the challenge, but had to make some major alterations as the skirt part of the pattern was massive. I ended up taking out 16 motifs in total, and the fit was much better. I didn’t follow the rather vague instructions for the lining and instead made a separate bias cut slip dress to go underneath, based on the lining from Burdastyle magazine -1/2012 pattern 103.

I am glad I made this, but think I’ll stick to sewing from now on. The crocheting just took too long and I got a little bored making the motifs if I’m honest. However I wore the dress today and had loads of compliments. I do love it but if you want to make one, make sure you have a lot of time and test fit before completing it, or you’ll end up unpicking loads.