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Awesome Autumn Dress

By on November 6, 2016


This ia a 60’s inspired dress. Its made with a very fine cord and is slightly A line and has a funnel neck and bishop sleeves.

The pattern is one from Burdastyle (September 2015), but is easily customised to that vintage feel.

I altered the sleeves and added the funnel neck to achieve the desired effect. I know 60’s dresses are much shorter than this one, but I’m not comfortable with miniskirt length these days.

You can find more details on my blog autumn-dress-6.

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Gertie sews vintage casual cardy

By on May 11, 2015
Gertie Sews Vintage Casual cardigan

I made this cardy from an old wool sweater. I love it, and it’s a refashion too.

The cardigan is fitted and looks great with a full skirt or pencil skirt, but it’s also completely wearable with up to date fashion. I’ve worn it loads at work, with skirts and trousers and more casually with my jeans.

I used ribbon for the button bands and kept the original hem and cuffs, just making a new neck edging.

Ribbon button band

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Vintage Sewing

Modern Home Needlecraft

By on March 22, 2015

I was fortunate to be gifted this book by a friend. I have spent the last couple of weeks pouring over the pages. There are some amazing techniques, pattern drafting directions and suggestions for make do and mend.

The book was published in 1946 and came in its original card envelope, with the address still intact. it even had the slip inside that stated it must be paid for by return, so maybe it was from some book club. It was published by Odhams Press in London, which I’d never heard of.

Inside the book I found two patterns, one for a child’s dress – it’s not a printed pattern, but looks to be in very good condition. There is also a knitting pattern for a boy’s slipover. I don’t knit so cant ever imaging making this.

The book contains a wealth of information and there are a range of techniques covered. Have you ever heard of a Jetted pocket?

There are pattern drafting instructions for a range of simple garments including suspender belts and underwear; mens shirts and pj’s; childrens shirts and trousers.

And to top it all off, suggestions to make do and mend. How to make your garments last longer or refashion them. I particularly like the section on disguising underarm shabbiness!

This is an absolute treasure and I look forward to trying some of the techniques and patterns for myself.

Have you ever come across such a gem?

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Vintage Sewing

60/70’s Crochet dress.

By on August 18, 2013

Yes I know, not exactly completely sewn (just the lining), but this has been a labour of love over the last few weeks. I discovered the pattern on Etsy several months ago and was keen to try my hand at crocheting. I had the perfect opportunity a few weeks ago as I was recovering from an op and unable to sew. I loved the challenge, but had to make some major alterations as the skirt part of the pattern was massive. I ended up taking out 16 motifs in total, and the fit was much better. I didn’t follow the rather vague instructions for the lining and instead made a separate bias cut slip dress to go underneath, based on the lining from Burdastyle magazine -1/2012 pattern 103.

I am glad I made this, but think I’ll stick to sewing from now on. The crocheting just took too long and I got a little bored making the motifs if I’m honest. However I wore the dress today and had loads of compliments. I do love it but if you want to make one, make sure you have a lot of time and test fit before completing it, or you’ll end up unpicking loads.

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