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Butterick 2964

By on February 3, 2012

Hi again…I wanted to share with you all my great sense of achievement in fulfilling a new years resolution – unprinted patterns.  I have finally tackled, completed, and worn my very first garment made from an unprinted, perforated pattern.  I don’t really know why I was a little scared of them, but scared I was…

I made this with spotty linen, and it was very easy to put together.  My only alteration was two darts in the back to reduce the “blousiness” at the curve of my lower back.  I wore the dress out today, and received lots of great compliments.

I am so happy to have conquered the unprinted pattern – even if it was a very simple design – YAY!!!

More info here

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Vintage Sewing

Mail Order 9140

By on January 28, 2012

I have just taken a pic of my latest creation, Mail order 9140 – view A.

I used op shop fabric and vintage buttons.  The pattern is size 14 1/2, came together very easily, and the final result looks just like the pattern envelope.  I made no changes to the pattern, and am so happy with the fit of the darts etc. that I am going to use this pattern as the template for a new sloper.  My other sloper does not fit as well as this dress.  I love the look of the fabric, with the border in the jacket and the bottom of the dress.  I love the cross-over neck fastening.

I had curled my hair overnight, and I must say, I felt very elegant and fabulous as I walked to work.  I love dressing like a lady!

As usual, more info on my blog.

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1930s | Vintage Sewing

1930s day dress…

By on October 29, 2011

I made a lovely 30s day dress, and matching headpiece, last week.

I self drafted the dress pattern using my basic dress block, and just worked out the headpiece as I went along.

The coloured fabric is vintage rayon from Etsy, with the contrasting black rayon from my fave fabric store.

I really love the dress, it is really comfortable and drapes well, with great movement in the flounces.

And, aside from the discomfort of wearing a headband, I also love the headpiece…

I have applied to study a certificate in millinery next year, which I think is the perfect compliment to my fashion course.

There is more info at my blog if you’re interested 🙂

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1930s | Pants / Trousers

The frilly jumper…

By on October 12, 2011

Just wanted to share my latest vintage knit with you, made using reclaimed pure angora from a sweater my mum made years ago, paired with some very “vintage-y” trousers from Burda magazine 4/2011…

The sweater pattern is from “A stitch in time – volume 1”, a very beautiful knitting book.  The trousers were made with thrifted heavy linen, which cost $6.00.  They were so easy to make, and are really comfortable and flattering.  Even though I have a little extra “winter-weight” I feel great in these trousers.  I usually have trouble with trousers – they never seem to work out – so I will be making these again.  The hardest part about the trousers was copying the pattern from the very confusing, multi-pattern, sheets that come with the magazine.  I am super-happy with these as a complete outfit, and feel trendy and vintage at the same time.

Have a great day everyone, and I love the new site…congratulations 🙂

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