A couple of weekends ago, my local paper dedicated its Saturday art/lifestyle/fashion supplement to the resurgence of handmade, art markets, op shop, and vintage.

I was very lucky to be included, showing my vintage dresses.

As a fashion student, and vintage fan, I thought it was great exposure and was very excited to see a whole supplement dedicated to handmade.  I think people are starting to see the benefits of crafting things with love.

I often get stared at when I walk down the street “dressed properly”…do any of you?


I wanted to share my latest dress with you…

This is another easy to put together, beautifully fitting, all round fabulous, mail order dress from the 1960s.  I am in love with these patterns – size 14 1/2 – totally stress free!  I used op shop vintage 36 inch wide fabric – cotton blend I think – and wore it with my vintage pink and maroon hat.  There were no issues with the sewing, and it was completed in a few hours.  I made it especially to wear to Bendigo for the Grace Kelly exhibition.  I wanted to channel Grace’s style, and love getting really dressed up for an outing…like the good old days :-)   I was going to wear beaded gloves, however it was over 30 degrees C – far too hot for gloves!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :-)


This pattern is my latest mail order dress, and I absolutely love it…

I altered the front of the garment, removing the large front pleat, added a side zip, and a small kick pleat at centre back.  My “shirtwaist” is not functional…purely visual.

Even though I love mail order patterns, and they sew up beautifully…a pattern cannot account for occasional human error – I cut two backs, not one on fold so I now have a contrasting back pleat “thingy”.

The main fabric – vintage 36 inch wide white and green (I love green fabric, and its not always that easy to find) print rayon – is so cool, it has little swirls and flowers, but I didn’t have much of it – I bought it from an op-shop.  I had to decide whether to omit the short sleeves, or use a contrasting fabric.  I am quite happy with the end result – it almost looks deliberate and the buttons are much more striking against the white background.  Teamed with red patent leather shoes and belt, and I am ready to go…

I hope you all have a lovely day :-)


Butterick 2964

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Hi again…I wanted to share with you all my great sense of achievement in fulfilling a new years resolution – unprinted patterns.  I have finally tackled, completed, and worn my very first garment made from an unprinted, perforated pattern.  I don’t really know why I was a little scared of them, but scared I was…

I made this with spotty linen, and it was very easy to put together.  My only alteration was two darts in the back to reduce the “blousiness” at the curve of my lower back.  I wore the dress out today, and received lots of great compliments.

I am so happy to have conquered the unprinted pattern – even if it was a very simple design – YAY!!!

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