My Wedding Dress – Channelling Grace Kelly

By on December 3, 2010

I got married earlier this year in March. I decided to make my own wedding dress, it was something I’d always wanted to do (plus it meant I could have the dress of my dreams at a relatively low cost).

My husband & I had our ceremony & reception at an old mansion in Melbourne, Australia. To fit in with the more traditional surroundings I went with a vintage inspired gown. I had always loved Grace Kelly’s gown & so when I saw Vogue Pattern V2979, I knew I what I wanted to make.

March in Melbourne can be very hot (40C) so I decided to make the short sleeved version. For the lace I picked a very light embroidered tulle. The rest of the dress was made in silk dupioni, (I wore a hoop skirt underneath to get the skirt to sit out nicely). I made a number of alterations, I moved the buttons to the rear of the dress, moved the front seam lines outwards slightly & then finally I replaced the lace underlining with a corset. Here are the pictures of the finished product, (these were taken by my photographer, you can visit their website here, I couldn’t have been happier with them).

Mum stitching the sash in place before the ceremony;

The view from behind;

Detail of the lace scallop;

Last, but not least, my favourite photo of all (the ‘Gone With The Wind shot’). The skirt has been bustled in this picture.

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My name is Steph & I’ve been looking around on Sew Retro for a while, so I thought I may as well contribute a few of my own projects. Whilst I make a bit of modern clothing, I often find myself drawn to designs from the 50’s & 60’s. I’m also very interested in some of the vintage construction techniques.

I’ve been sewing for about 6 years now. I started when I was in university because I wanted to make dresses to wear to balls & parties, (I didn’t have the money to buy them ready-made). I’ve really gotten into sewing in the last 2 or 3 years though.

I keep track of all of my projects on my blog, Orchids In May.

The above picture of me, was one of my most recent vintage projects, Vogue V1137. I made it using an embroidered wool. Whilst it was fairly simple to actually sew, it took FOREVER to cut out as I was trying to get the embroidery to match up perfectly at each of the seams. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

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