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A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

By on December 30, 2012

This year for my soon to be family I decided to make them each a little something.  In my opinion homemade gifts can be the best option.  I wanted to make something cute with and old school feel to it.  What I ended up making was pears.  Now the funny thing was, when I went to Michael’s they had the perfect cards.  So, I made my pears to match.


The pear ornaments are consist of felt, embroidery floss and ribbon.


Below is the template for the pieces.  Feel free to save them or print them out.  When you do print them out be sure to choose full page option so they will be the correct size.


To make the ornament, I chose 2 contrasting colors of felt and white felt. One color would be for the main part of the pear, and the other for the small circle.  The white was for the medium size circle, and the leaf.


Once I cut all the pieces out of the felt, I sewed the small circle to the larger circle.  I used a modified blanket stitch.

After that I sewed the circles to the front piece (of the pear cut out) using the same modified blanket stitch.


I then, sewed both the front and back pieces of the pear together using a blanket stitch.   Lastly, I sewed a ribbon to the back and wah-la a pear ornament!


Some optional additions can be the leaf at the top.  I added small rhinestone to mine to give them a little sparkle.

Let me know what you think and I would love to see what others come up with for this pattern!


Happy Crafting!


To see more, check out my blog at http://retro-phile.blogspot.com/

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Spring Projects

By on December 28, 2012

It is winter break for my district, which means loads of down time for me.  It may sound crazy, but I really don’t do well with too much time off.  I get bored and the cabin fever sets in.

To help quell my boredom, I am collecting spring clothing patterns and projects.  I have found a few so far on Merrick’s Art.  If you haven’t checked out the blog before, take a gander.  There are some great tutorials.

Here are a few that I found and am planning on trying.

Tunic Dress
Doman Sleeve Top

Both of these are super simple tops, made from knit cotton.  I can’t wait to give them a try.  I will let you guys know how they turn out!

Here area  few more links to projects I want to try.
– Nikki
To see more, check out my blog at http://retro-phile.blogspot.com/

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Bride’s Maids Dresses

By on June 10, 2012

victory bride

Recently I have been looking at dress patterns for my bride’s maids.  I want something different, not just your typical David’s Bridal generic bride’s maid’s dresses.  I have actually found a really cute site with some great patterns.


She has a bunch of awesome patterns that I want to try out.  I think I might buy a few and just make some dresses for myself.  Here are the ones I was thinking could be potential bride’s maids dresses

So until next time, happy crafting!I want to have a summer wedding, so I don’t want any big heavy dresses for my girls  I love #2.  It is cute, simplistic and classic.  I can definitely see my girls waking down the isle with me wearing that dress and little fasinators such as this.
Has anyone tried these patterns?  If you have let me know, I really would like some feedback before I buy the patterns to try.  Also If you have any other patterns along these lines you would like to suggest send them my way.

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Dum, dum, dum dum

By on February 23, 2012

You are seeing correctly.  That is an engagement ring!  This time the “Dumm, Dumm, Dumm Dumm” is for me.   My boy proposed to me on February 3rd.  It was our 6 year anniversary.  And of course, it is a pink!

I know I want an outdoor wedding, and I want a tea length 1950’s style dress.

And of course it is going to be homemade.  I am enlisting the help of my amazing seamstress Aunt.

 So this is where you all come in, I need help finding patterns and reference pictures. There are so many stylish, amazing seamstresses on here.  I know you all have some wonderful pictures  and pattern ideas squirreled away.  Below are some of the reference pictures I have found so far.

Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5

Thanks in advance all!!



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