I am all about the clothes. Well, to be honest, I’m all about writing fantasy and living in a wacky, geeky, fantasy world. In my writer-y life, I hostess our RWA chapter’s annual Readers’ Luncheon and last year I made myself a “steampunk costume.”

I started going to these things in costume just because I love the clothes, but last year my friend dressed up as a pirate angel!


Just this week, I finished my first “official” vintage dress that I can wear “in real life.” It’s a 1940s Swing Dress from Sense & Sensibility patterns. You can read about some of my adventures in sewing it at

I'm trying to hide the side zipper because I don't like the way it came out.

Is she a strong woman holding down the home front while the boys are off fighting the Axis?

Please come in. I'll find some Jell-o with vegetables in it or something.

Trying to look Not posed, like I'd ever really climb into the tree house!

Someone told me this could be a book cover and I thought “Oh a story about a woman waiting for her sweetheart to come home from overseas.” My daughter said, “Or a woman who just got diagnosed with a fatal illness.”