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Yellow summery Wrap Dress

By on July 24, 2015

Sooo… I’ve been following We Sew Retro for a while now, but haven’t shared anything yet. I’m pretty excited 😀
A few days ago I finished my Wrap Dress from Gertie sews vintage casual! I’d bought the fabric some time ago (I guess it’s cotton, at least it’s woven without stretch ^^) and as soon as I got the book and flipped through the garment section, I knew I had to make the Wrap Dress pattern from this fabric!

It’s the first more complicated dress I’ve ever sewn – interfacing, facing, a collar, sleeves – so I’m very proud of it (: I shortened the hem quite a bit, but now I’m not so sure if it was a good decision… oh well!Gerties Wrap dress (Excuse the bad lighting ^^)

Gerties Wrap dress (2)Gerties Wrap Dress (5)

Gerties Wrap dress (3)Gerties Wrap dress (6)

Gerties Wrap dress (4)

So, here it is, I hope you guys like it! Really sorry for the .. not so optimal background and lighting =D I just needed to take som pictures, but noone was there to help!

Ms. Y

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