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vintage dress fabrics

By on April 8, 2012

Hi we all know how difficult it is to get good quality vintage dress fabrics in any length long enough to make something …but the sun shone on me yesterday and a lady mentioned she had some fabric in her loft from her mother who used to be a westend eamstress….of course my eyes lit up…and i went along to her house…well long story short i came away with four laundry bags of silks,wools and linens…lovely fabrics mostly from the 7os and 80s but good vintagey patterns for 40s to 60s .i cant wait to get started …but where to start? Watch this space :))

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my latest project

By on January 2, 2012

Hi Guys I thought you might like to see the picture of the 1940s princess coat in green baby cord…I have just finished it ..yey!!

all but the button holes which I am going to have done professionaly at D & M buttons in london.

I took the day dress pattern in the picture ( simplicity 2161) as a referance then drafted my own pattern as I wanted to make princess seams and the bust in the pattern was 32″ the coat is 40″ bust,  The extra large shoulders have two pads one built in the other poppered in so they can be remove if the coat is worn with a dress with pads… If you look carefully the front is wrapped the wrong way, because I havent put the button holes in yet and  I wanted to show you the buttons.

This coat was made for one of my ladies and the fabric and design choices were all hers…I hope she likes it. 🙂

New 'vintage' 1940's princess coat


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Vintage Sewing

just saying hello

By on December 15, 2011

hi i am new to this site, i have been sewing for as long as i can remember, i don’t know where it came from as my mum never stitched!!

i love it sew much i’ve made it my career and i teach the technical side on a a Costume for performance degree in London, I have an obsession with 1940’s and 1950’s fashions and where them whenever i can (hubbie doesn’t get it) and i have recently set up a website and little business making ‘new vintage’ for others, or offering to teach them to make it for them selves…that lead into going to vintage fairs and selling vintage sewing baskets and haberdasery..proberbly not a good idea as i end up buying more than i sell…

i have a large collection of vintage sewing patterns from 1930’s to 1970’s…ok i’ll admit there’s even a couple of 80’s in there, but thats only because you never know when you might need them…if i can be of help to anyone on here please dont hesitate to ask 🙂 jax

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