Hi guys  I have been wanting to share this one with you for a while …. a 1940s  party dress for my daughter to swing in an original 1940s pattern made up in a  green polyester crepe made up exactly as pattern stated, just shortened the pattern pieces for petite frame…..after pinking the seams I [...]


I’m sorry if this post is all over the place …it looks ok when i type it but looks all out of sink when i preview it but as i’ve spent over an hour on it , here goes …This month I have not had to change the thread on my machine at all …Navy [...]


Hi, How you all doing ? I have just completed a shirt for my husband, I’ve got to say he is NOT into vintage in any way and has had to learn that I will always dress the way I do But as he is coming with me to Twinwood at the weekend I said I would make [...]


Hi all, I have just spent over an hour and a half creating a post for you, only for half of it to disappear when I tried to post it ( How big is too big? and is there a limit on photo’s?I had six… Any way finished a sweet little 1947s Rayon frock …here is [...]


Hello again from SUNNY England, yes it was actually sunny today … some of you who catch my page on facebook know that i am making a 1950s dress for Twinwood , this is a vintage festival in Bedford England the last three days of August…great fun 1940s and 1950s big dress up party… You [...]


Hello all, I have just finished a little 1940s dress for my lovely daughter who has just taken up ‘Swing’ dancing and I must say loving it…she’s like a duck to water the original dress was found in a charity shop in london , the shop originally wanted £25 for it , but it was in [...]


Hi all,  I thought I would  show you how a little project I was given by a friend turned out… 1940s button front swing trousers copied from an old pair (not sure how original they were !) but made up in corderoy, not my favorite fabric, but she was so pleased with them she wants a [...]


Hi we all know how difficult it is to get good quality vintage dress fabrics in any length long enough to make something …but the sun shone on me yesterday and a lady mentioned she had some fabric in her loft from her mother who used to be a westend eamstress….of course my eyes lit [...]


Hi guys i have been asked to make vintage dresses for a vintage shop…1950s summer dresses, what colours would you choose?


Hi Guys I thought you might like to see the picture of the 1940s princess coat in green baby cord…I have just finished it ..yey!! all but the button holes which I am going to have done professionaly at D & M buttons in london. I took the day dress pattern in the picture ( simplicity 2161) as a referance then drafted [...]