I want to repair a big injustice. There’s always a lot of Mad men challenge; but what about Boardwalk empire!!? There’s a lot of wonferful suits and gorgeous dresses, and skirts, and shirts! So, here is my own Boardwalk Empire challenge! I looove the dress that Margaret Shcroeder wear in Season 1, episode 3. Look [...]


Here is my new retro dress! I’ve sewn it specifically for my contract of civil union with my boyfriend! It’s in a bordeaux cotton, with some black details. I’ve modified the neckline. Some details on my blog:      


This is my second version of this 50′s pattern.I really love the shape of the bodice, the naked back, and all these gorgeous hollow pleats! My first version was in a printed cotton and metal buttons. I made it for the wedding of my best friend. (Seen here). I wanted a new version easier to [...]