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The vintage little black dress

By on August 24, 2015

It was the love at first sight with this pattern.

I had to wait for two years to find the version and the fabric that I want.

It’s finally the sleeveless version in a wonderful black cotton fabric from Agnès B.

The pattern is, as usual, very well written. I’ve only modified positions of the buttons because I don’t want the belt, and there’s no buttonhole at the waist. Then be carefull if you don’t want the belt, you will need one more buttons! 😉

More photos and informations (in French) here:




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My Boardwalk Empire challenge part one

By on October 27, 2013

I want to repair a big injustice. There’s always a lot of Mad men challenge; but what about Boardwalk empire!!?

There’s a lot of wonferful suits and gorgeous dresses, and skirts, and shirts! So, here is my own Boardwalk Empire challenge!

I looove the dress that Margaret Shcroeder wear in Season 1, episode 3. Look at this gorgeous low-cut dress, this buttons line, the knot, the skirt.

My version will be in a printed and a yellow viscose. I will do some covered buttons for the back. there will be a flare skirt.

I’ve copied a very basic Burda dress in order to modify it very easily.


The modified pattern on the next episode! 🙂

More details on my blog:

It will be in French, but if anyone have some questions i can answer 😉

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Vogue Vintage V2960

By on October 6, 2013

This is my second version of this 50’s pattern.I really love the shape of the bodice, the naked back, and all these gorgeous hollow pleats!

My first version was in a printed cotton and metal buttons. I made it for the wedding of my best friend. (Seen here). I wanted a new version easier to wear in every-day life, and correct the few problems with the first version.

I cut it in June and only sew it this September!

I made it with denim-color linen, lined on the bodice with a blue cotton. There were some plastic button.


More details on my blog:

Sorry it is in French, but if you have any question I can answer in English 😉

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