The Joan Process dress

By on January 23, 2012

Hi! I am new to the site (though I was on the old Sew Retro site) and this is my first post. I sew clothes for me and my friends between working and uni and I am at least not quite as bad at it as I used to be!

I pretty much learned to sew so that I could make clothes that made me look like Joan from Mad Men (not a particularly original idea!). Although I have been sewing for over a year, this is my first real attempt at making a Joan dress.

I used Woman W400 as the pattern (though it got modified in most areas! I changed the neckline and sleeves, and omitted some skirt darts and the zip as my double knit was stretchy enough to not need them. The wide band round the bottom is a happy result of an accidental chopping too much off the bottom moment! (why did they always draw pattern envelope where the skirt appears 7 inches shorter than the pattern makes it?)

I drove myself slightly mad with this dress, as I seam ripped every single seam at least once, and the darts were a terribly nipply disaster for a long time! But now I love it! It is incredibly comfortable and I can wear it for anything! It does give a “I am Joan, mess with me at your peril” sense of empowerment too!

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