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Gunne sax inspiration

By on November 20, 2013

I had always loved that style, but gunne sax was not in my radar. Now that I have a name for that style, I am thinking of making a dress.


I am actually considering this one



I know it’s maternity, but I was thinking white cotton, lace etc. I love the pin tucks as well.This dress does have a mod feel to it, but it could be boho.

What do you girls think?


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Vintage Sewing

My first post

By on November 15, 2013

Hi everyone,

I am a girl from Greece, who loves vintage and is trying to learn good sewing.

I have tried to find my style in several decades, with 1930w/40s being my favourites. However, I have settled with the fact that I look better in 1950s/1960s clothes, and that’s where I’ll focus my wardrobe and sewing efforts.

I love the mod style, my hair is cut short, the make up suits me, so I’ll be trying the dresses, the suits, the tops and the skirts of the mod era. I’ll probably cheat with another decade now and then though!

My “method” will be copying styles from the vintage sewing patterns I see online, by using modern patterns or by trying my hand on pattern drafting. I love organizing clusters and wardrobes (on paper so far!), and I’ll work on that as well.

Fingers crossed that I’ll make it!

I love your posts and I’ll be browsing for a while!

Nice to be here

mod girl

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