I actually made this dress (extremely last minute, as usual) for my friend Robyn’s wedding, whose wedding dress I made and blogged about here. It’s become one of my favorite dresses to date so I thought I’d share how I spliced it together. The skirt is using the pattern of the overskirt in Butterick 4790, [...]


Last year, my newly engaged friend sent me a picture of an adorable 50s tea length dress and asked if I knew anyone that could recreate it for her upcoming wedding, or if I would be able to. At that point, I still hadn’t used many patterns, and I had never fitted anyone other than [...]


As a longtime musician I’m always looking to add to my black “concert dress” collection, but this is the first time I’ve actually made myself something in good old concert black! I used the very basic Retro Butterick 5748, which is a lovely simple bodice and circle skirt. I just made a couple small adjustments (changed [...]


When I showed my husband the fabric I planned to use for this dress, he said it looked Granny. Lol! So I proudly call this my Granny dress! (He liked the final product regardless.) ;-) I used Retro Butterick 6582. Since this was my Easter dress, I had to get an Easter bonnet to go along with [...]


Hi all! This is my very first post here, I’m excited to be contributing. I’ve long admired the sewing talent and gorgeous projects I’ve seen posted here, so I thought I’d jump on in myself. I come from a family of seamstresses (grandmother, mom, aunt) but I didn’t learn to sew myself until I was [...]