Vintage Sewing

A Basic Blouse: Butterick 2094

By on March 25, 2013

I took advantage of the daylight on Sunday and photographed my first Sew for Victory project. I’m a huge fan of 1940’s blouse patterns. I think they represent a great period in the development of design in women’s separates. Many 1940’s blouses combine elements of hard/soft and  masculine/feminine. While this pattern was designed seven decades ago, it’s incredibly relevant today and, I think, looks rather contemporary. I’m excited to make more versions of this and other 40’s blouse patterns I’ve managed to get a hold of. More photos and pattern info on my blog.  

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Vintage Sewing

Vintage Fabric Inquiry

By on March 21, 2013

Hello! I’m currently working to get my supplies and materials organized. Most recently, I tackled my fabric stash. I have some pieces of vintage fabric I’d LOVE to know more about. I thought your collective knowledge might be the best way to get some direction,  information and answers.

.These fabrics are all marked, Peter Pan Fabrics, Inc on the selvedges. From what I can determine, they’re cotton. They’re also incredibly light weight and semi-sheer. In addition to being printed, they’re textured.  The lines, or in some cases, grids are raised.

I’ve tried to do some research online to see if I could find more information about them, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot available. Based on what I was able to find, Peter Pan Fabrics, Inc. did file a series of copyright infringement suits against several clothing manufacturers, starting in 1960. And, it appears, they may still produce quilting cottons today.

I’ve found some listings on Etsy and Ebay selling fabric boasting the same maker’s mark, but they’re all flat finished, and heavier.  I’m pretty positive these aren’t quilting cotton, but I can’t say for sure.  Is there a name or classification for textured fabrics like this? Do you have similar fabric in your stash? Do share! I’d love to know more about them. If you have any leads, please leave them in the comments here or on my blog 

I really appreciate your help on this one! You’re the best.

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1980s | Dresses

The Single Shoulder Maxi: Vogue, Very Easy, 7699

By on March 7, 2013

The pattern for my third vacation dress was printed in 1980 (I’m not sure what the bench-marker is for vintage…I consider anything that pre-dates me as vintage, for now). 
It’s quite possibly the easiest dress pattern I’ve ever worked with. There are only two main pattern pieces to this dress (plus POCKETS!) I’ve got more photos and a couple notes up on my blog.




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Vintage Sewing

The Beach Shift: Simplicity 4514

By on March 6, 2013

I’ve only been back to reality a few days, and already my tan has faded and I’ve had to trudge through the snow. Vacation over. But, I won’t let that stop me from showing you the dresses I made to take with me. (You can preview all five of them here.) I hope to share them individually throughout the week. 
Up first is Simplicity 4514, a beach, shift dress pattern from the 1960’s. It (the pattern) looks fairly contemporary for a gal who’s in her 50s, don’t you think? Grab a frozen cocktail and your sunscreen and come on by to daydream about warmer weather with me. I love company.


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