The pattern for my third vacation dress was printed in 1980 (I’m not sure what the bench-marker is for vintage…I consider anything that pre-dates me as vintage, for now).  It’s quite possibly the easiest dress pattern I’ve ever worked with. There are only two main pattern pieces to this dress (plus POCKETS!) I’ve got more photos and [...]


The second dress I sewed as part of my vacation wardrobe is from the 1970′s pattern, Butterick 6655; the epitome of easy. Easy to make. Easy to wear. This dress served well. You can come see more photos of my second dress here and, if you missed it, the first one here. Two down. Three to [...]


I’ve only been back to reality a few days, and already my tan has faded and I’ve had to trudge through the snow. Vacation over. But, I won’t let that stop me from showing you the dresses I made to take with me. (You can preview all five of them here.) I hope to share [...]


Oy vey! That I ended up with a blouse, in and of itself, is remarkable. This fabric took many forms before it finally shaped into what you see here, a variation on the blouse portion of Vogue 4092.  I could go on, but I already have, here, and it’s a lot of moaning and grumbling…. [...]


Surprised to see me again so soon?!? I do have more PJ’s to share, but they still need photographing. In the meantime, I made this blouse from a 1948 Simplicity pattern. There are some really wonderful design elements in this pattern. Darted sleeves, tuck pleats at the waits, darted shoulder, a peter pan collar, and [...]


Friends, the last time we spoke, it was summer… well, the end of summer. I’m a slacker. Seasons have shifted since my last finished project, and I’ve traded my swirly dresses for snugly pajamas. There are a lot of fun details incorporated into this PJ pattern: Advance 6567. I’ve posted a ridiculous number of photos and additional [...]


It’s been a while, friends. Summer got the best of me, and I found myself away from home a lot more frequently than in front of a computer. I’m getting back into the blogging groove with a recent project. And, I hope to be seeing you a lot more in the coming months!  To see more, [...]


Do you have Mad Men fever? I do. I just finished my dress for Ms. Bobbin’s themed SAL. I’ve named her Betty.  Isn’t she a beaut? I used McCall 5842 from 1961 to sew her. I’ve got a picture OVERLOAD  of both the process and product on my BLOG. Are you, or have you recently sewn anything [...]


Phew! I made it! Barely, but, I made it, just the same! I should aim to stir the pot a bit and get my sewing done at the beginning of the month instead of constantly saving it to the end. This month’s pattern is courtesy of 1965. I made a few simple alterations. You can read about [...]


Like Katherine, I have a fondness for vintage mail order patterns. I’ve been using my FAVORITE method for archiving mail order patterns. Certainly, I’m not first to discover this incredible pattern dating resource, but I haven’t seen it mentioned and thought it was worth sharing, if only as a redundancy. Don’t you just LOVE the advertisement [...]