I have a soft spot for vintage party dress patterns. The problem is, I almost never have a reason to wear a vintage party dress. Imagine my excitement when I was able to make my own bridesmaid dress for a friend’s wedding!
I decided to use Butterick 9561 from 1961 . I was instantly drawn to the faux wrap bodice. I did make some changes to the pattern, for instance, omitting the modesty panel and reducing the skirt volume by half . My fabric is also vintage; though I estimate about twenty years more recent than the pattern. I bought nearly seven yards of this lovely double layered lace fabric from an estate sale and it was perfect for the occasion!

I’ve written in further detail regarding my modifications and posted additional photos over on my BLOG. It was a lot of fun to have a reason to sew a ‘fancy’ dress. I also think this pattern would be great sewn in cotton as an everyday dress, so there may be more Butterick 9561s in my future.


SURPRISE! I’m back! Quick, right? Today I have a project that I consider more throw-back than vintage: Simplicity 5399 from 1981. Truthfully, I don’t think there’s been the same type of evolution in men’s fashion as there has in women’s. Most men’s patterns seem timeless to me. These shorts were my first foray with sewing a men’s garment. Aside from the obvious, sewing these wasn’t much different than sewing clothing for myself. This came as a surprise. A certain competitive design/sewing television program had led me to believe that menswear was somehow more difficult or challenging than women’s.  It’s not; with the exception of the client. ;-)

Both my husband and I are thrilled with his new shorts. Now that I’ve tested the water, I see more menswear in my sewing future! Do you sew men’s garments?

See you soon,



It’s been a while since we last spoke. Truth is, I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing. Who knew that moving house would be such a time consuming task? Not me. That’s for sure. After my routine is broken, I have a hard time getting myself back into rhythm, and the things I was in the habit of doing become difficult to find motivation to do. After a few months of slacking, I couldn’t handle any more daydreaming about sewing. I needed to start. I dug out the most basic project I could think to sew. Simplicity 9267 from 1971 is a basic skirt pattern with timeless, classic design.

I used our extended winter as an opportunity to play with my favorite textile, wool. A skirt pattern like Simplicity 9267 is a fantastic canvas for improvisation. I wanted my skirt to be a basic wardrobe piece with a little bit of interest. I added faux leather trim to the pattern pieces using a zig-zag stitch and created a chevron design over the hips.  I wrote a bit more explanation and posted some additional photos on my blog.
This project was exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things. I’m thrilled to be sewing again and setting my sights on spring. I’ll see you again soon!





by Mkonieczki on September 23, 2013 · 6 comments

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I decided earlier this summer that I needed to sew more skirts and blouses. I love how easy it is to wear separates. Still, I’m slow to follow-through. The Completion of my latest sewing projects only reaffirms my earlier notion. 

There’s a mash-up of eras represented in this ensemble: the fabrics are contemporary, the skirt pattern is from the 70′s, the blouse pattern is from the 50′s, and, my best guess is, the buttons are from the 40′s. 

Hopefully, I’ll be a smarter sewer and make more of what works for me in the future. What SHOULD you be sewing? Are you? There’s more pictures and pattern links: HERE.