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Mod Faces Print Top

By on August 29, 2013

Hi everyone! It’s been a minute. I had an exhibition with many of my dresses at a store in Chicago (my first solo show!) and overall just working on new projects.

I designed, made, and wore this top to the opening of my dress exhibition!

I whipped this baby up in about 3 hours, pattern and everything! It was a really simple pattern to make: just a princess line with added flare at the bottom from waistline to hem. You get a semi-peplum-ish effect, but not as drastic.

Photo taken with my Holga CFN, day of the exhibition.

Back. This fabric is a one-way stretch knit I bought on Etsy. It’s from the 60s or 70s. It’s my favorite!

Inside finished off with my serger.

It’s a great little top!

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Petra Dress

By on August 11, 2013

Oh wow…. I just realized I never posted this!

I’ve been working on quite a bit in the past month or so (making a total of 4 garments) and this is the first of the 4.

This dress might look a little familiar… that’s because it’s a modern adaptation of a 60s Pierre Cardin dress! I love his stuff and often wish I had most of it, so I self-drafted this pattern and sewed it.


Pierre Cardin dress.

Bonus: Mine has inside pockets!


I’m working on getting some of my dresses into PDF form available for purchase/download in 2014.

This one may end up being one of them!

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Tower Midi Dress

By on July 15, 2013

So initially I wasn’t going to post this due to minor fit issues (at least on me!) but it’s really just a working, wearable sample at the moment.

It’s really pretty and reminds me of some sort of retro-ish almost-eveningwear sort of look. I can’t put my finger exactly on what time period and a style but it’s certainly retro reminiscent.

The neckline also needs minor adjustments but that’s a super-easy pattern fix.

Back view.

After the response on the last post, I’m really thinking about getting a pattern company up and running, but  it seems like that would be about a year or so into the future with releasing any pattern. I’m familiar with pattern grading, but I’m going to have to pick other independent pattern designer’s brains about the whole process of getting it into PDF format, etc. Also, not sure how great I am with writing directions!

We’ll see!


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Finally Finished – Mod-ish Denim Military Jacket

By on July 8, 2013

So here’s a modern take on a military-esque jacket with a mod twist that I just finished:

Back in 2008, I made a group of 5 jacket patterns with my original intent to sell them on Etsy and this was one of the jackets I made almost completely with the exception of buttonholes and sewn on buttons. I had a point in my life where I decided that I wasn’t any good at all with fashion design and I should quit. So…. I kinda did. This was one of the last things I didn’t finish until this past week. (I think maybe I was afraid of the buttonholer?) I tried it on a few months ago and my boyfriend asked me where I bought it. Umm….     So after that, he encouraged me to finish it.

(Note: I want to use a “click to read more” sort of link right here, but I’m having trouble with the code. This may get edited later!)

The jacket is  far cooler than I ever thought it was!

It’s all-denim and I used all green top-stitching thread.

Back view.

Ta daaaaa!

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Sewing Progress with Vintage Fabric

By on June 25, 2013

Hi everyone! All your sewing projects are looking amazing!

I’m working on an almost-done dress out of a vintage fabric from the late 60s/early 70s which is fantastically psychedelic/Peter Max-ish. The fabric is by Rosewood Fabric Inc. if anyone wants to dig deeper on it. I’m quite obsessed with the print!

Hope it’s alright to post this as this dress is for someone else and won’t fit me so I won’t have photos of me in it later. I am requesting photos of the recipient in this eventually but I’m not sure how long that will be from now.

                                                This is what the fabric is turning into! Ahhh!


The waist will have elastic in it to cinch it. I’m so excited about this dress! The patterns are all hand-drafted by me.

Thanks for reading!


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Cloud Dress – Hand Dyed and Printed

By on June 2, 2013


Hi all!

I wanted to share another sewing project I made a while back. This one is more early 60’s style, though perhaps the print is slightly unusual. Yes,  I went nuts and made my own stamps to print fabric! The effect is more watercolor-esque, perhaps I should have screen printed instead. Either way, I think it came out fairly well. I call this one “The Cloud Dress“.


This is another entirely self-drafted pattern that I somehow whipped up in about 2 hours.  Although I had some minor difficulties with the zipper (yet again!), I’m still in love with it.


Testing stamps on scrap fabric.

Also:  I was wondering if anyone had advice on this front, since I trust everyone on here (even only after my 2nd post!) I want to start my selling designs either on Etsy or in a boutique, but I am lost in a few places. I’m mostly confused about production (for a small line only) and pattern sizing. I’m teaching myself to grade patterns and I also have a design internship, but I feel like the design internship is really eating up my time/affecting any momentum I’m gaining with my design work. I work full time so it’s hard to keep that going, plus the internship, occasional custom orders, plus maintaining my potential line. I’m also supposed to be learning pattern grading at my internship, but have yet to touch on it.  Do I just hire a seamstress to produce most of the line after I make patterns and cut the fabric? Make it myself? How do most people do it?

Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

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First Post – Hand-Drafted 60s Trapeze Dress

By on May 27, 2013

Hi all!

This is my first post here !

I wanted to show off a trapeze/tent dress I made earlier this year from vintage fabric. I make almost all of my own sewing patterns and this is one of my designs. I think this dress turned out quite well! I had never made a button placket pattern before and I’m happy that it worked out as well as it did.


The collar on this was quite a happy accident as well – I cut it, not really paying attention to where the points fell, but they happened to fall in exactly the right places!

My boyfriend’s mom found me this fabric for Christmas this year and I struggled to design the perfect dress for this for months. Looks like I got it right with this shape!

You can always see more on my blog, Manic Pop for my latest retro-inspired works.

Thanks for reading!

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