Hello, We Sew Retro! It’s been some time since I posted here (I’ve been ill and out of the sewing game for months but am finally recovered!) but you may remember me as the artist who created the art you see on the header above. A properly fitting peplum (seam snug at the waist, skirt [...]


High Waisted Denim Love by m1khaela featuring highwaisted jeans “But you don’t want to wear MOM jeans, do you?” Said my mom, to me, after a frustrating hour-long jeans try-on-a-thon at our local Old Navy. I had just rejected yet another pair of “classic-rise” jeans that weren’t even making a serious attempt at approaching my [...]


A royal blue figure-hugging V-neck Joan dress with cuffs? And a bow? Oh, yes, please. Are you as excited by Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Challenge as I am? A Joanie dress has been on my epic to-sew list for EONS now. I actually missed the entire last season of the show (I blame my awesome [...]


Above: A lovely doll my mother made when she was learning to sew in the early 1960s. “She’s lost her face and is a little sad-looking but notice the fancy hairstyle and the gathers on the sleeves and bodice. She used to have a petticoat and pantaloons but they are gone now.” How much did [...]


I totally went back in time to 1942 and posed for some Du Barry pattern envelope illustrations! Vintage lovers, I have the most exciting news for you! I HAVE BENT THE FABRIC OF THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM… all in the name of sewing, of course. The idea came to me when I showed my husband the [...]


Forget that new Muppet or the green felt frog–how cute is Amy Adams in that beautiful green dress with tulip sleeves?! So I went to the new Muppet movie and it was fun and all, but I had a little trouble paying attention to Fozzie’s bad jokes or Kermit’s attempts to make up with Miss [...]


My recently acquired crayon-colored assortment of 40s pattern gorgeousness Stashing: OK, I think I have a problem. Perhaps stemming from a frustrating deficit of actual sewing progress lately? (I do have my machine working again, though and hope to have several new finished objects by this weekend!). But when I spied the above lot of [...]


Some vintage patterns come in pristine factory folds. Some come carefully cut and refolded, with handwritten hints at their former owners’ tastes (such as: “very good skirt pattern for me” or “make in brown check”). And some come with a history. Enter Mrs. D. I first met Mrs D. in a 23-piece eBay lot entitled [...]


In the first part of this series on my blog, I covered the modern patterns I picked up recently in anticipation of the post-preggo return of my waist. In part two: a look at my recent vintage stashing and destashing! Although I’ve bought individual vintage patterns here and there on Etsy or eBay (like the [...]


96 years old, and she still has perfect tension! My parents’ basement flooded recently and in the process of mucking it out, my mother came across a beautiful Vintage Singer. She didn’t remember its source at first, and my Bobie (grandmother) didn’t think it was hers either. But after some thought and digging around in [...]