I picked up this beautiful fabric as my souvenir from MOOD while I was visiting L.A. I was really concerned I was going the fudge up the whole thing once I got to the button holes, but everything went way better than I had expected!

I think if I make this dress again I would need a small FBA, and adding a few inches to overall length. I don’t do above the knee very often, and it just feels kind of weird! If you want to see more photos or read more about what I thought once completing this dress, Check out my blog!


Sometimes you power through and sew a dress in a few short hours. That happened today. I’ve had this pattern, simplicity 1427 (1955), for a while now. The illustration is super cute, and it’s got some really neat details like the contrasting lapel pieces that are detachable. Fair warning though, I haven’t yet made any of the fun pieces!

Excuse the frizzy mass that is my hair right now, it’s humid as all get out in the Midwest right now.

I always think it’s kind of comical to see the pattern illustration with the perfect waspy waist, and then see it on my much more generous body. I prefer modern patterns with photos on real bodies (although ideal ones), to a perfectly fitted illustration.

I used a striped linen I had in my stash which was super easy to work with. It went together fairly quick. My pattern matching isn’t perfect, but it’s not horrible. I made a simple fabric tie in lieu of a belt. My local store was out of belting, and this is just one of those dresses that looks weird without one. I made no pattern alternations, and think I will next time If I sew it again. The bodice is like an inch too long, not long enough to try and fix now, but long enough to where it will bug me. I also ironed back the neckline notches into baby labels. The notches just seemed kind of weird. The buttons aren’t perfect, but not bad for maybe one of the five times I’ve actually done buttons. I do really like the way the gored skirt falls; I had to cut off like a foot from the hem though, it was so long! That further cements the idea that petite patterns are my friend. I’m almost five foot eight, so you think it would be the opposite. My short legs and long torso combo is a strange one!

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Here’s some proper pictures of The Holloway Dress (Simplicity 3575, 1960). Although I’m no where near the babe of this dresses namesake is; I’ll try my best to live up to the va-va-voom attitude of many people’s favorite Mad Men character. If only I had her assets right? The dress is a bit wrinkly. I wore it to work so my desk sitting caused some creases, I don’t think it held up too bad in that regard though.

I thought I was going to have to do an adjustment to take some of the ease out of the bust. Although, since I’ve washed the dress and taken these pictures, I don’t think it’s actually all too bad. Especially for a wearable muslin, as I plan on doing the full skirted version of this pattern later. I’m also fairly certain that dresses from 1960′s usually were cut more generously than we are used to in modern clothing.

The pattern was missing the waist stay piece, so I just decided to leave it out. All the seams are serged, and there’s an invisible zipper in the side (one of my best!). The fabric is either a high quality quilting cotton or shirting. I’m not for sure it was an unmarked clearance bin bargain.

I can’t wait to make another version of this dress soon! Also, I’ve grown very fond of this grass green color! More than one person told me it should be my color.
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So the top of this dress is based on the Colette pattern’s Macaron dress. For the skirt I followed the instructions in Gertie’s book for a gathered skirt. While not a vintage pattern, I feel it has a vintage look of sorts to it!

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