Flashy colors for a Lutterloh dress

By on December 11, 2012

There’s 2 months ago, it was my Engagement’s day.

5 dresses for Just 1.

I’ve tested a lot of fabric, style, and models, and always I was disappointed because I thought it was not the real One.

And now I’ve 2 dresses in my closet which are waiting to go out…

This one is flashy one !

Italian fabric and a lot of colors.

I’ve sewed a scarf to wear if the weather is more cold….

I’m waiting now for summer time to enjoy it !!!

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Lutterloh 1952, a dress with a sheet

By on August 22, 2012


I’m always watch all the marvellous clothes you create and today I’m not shame to present you my first really dress from Lutterloh 1952, spring.

I’ve did it with a sheet that I’ve found in a market last spring.

In october, the 13th, there will be my E. Day, my lover and I will engaged and the theme is 50’S.


I hope you’re enjoy with it

And sorry for my very  “ugly” langage, I’m french and it’s not very easy for me…

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