I made this 50s dress recently for a wedding. Although you can’t see the arms – it is sleeveless. I lined the bodice but left the skirt unlined so that I can wear it with a nice full petticoat when the urge takes me :) Fortunately the fabric width was 146cm making it wide enough for a circle.

Wearing a dress that you’ve made yourself always feel kind of special – and retro inspired always feels so feminine.

The rest of my outfit is vintage inspired – clutch bag and a Vivienne Westwood blazer and pair of heels with genuine Dior sunnies that I cherish!

Hope you like and pop to my blog if you fancy a look through some more of my latest makes!

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Hi Everyone.

Thought I would post up the apron that I made for my latest blog post. I’ve started a monthly inspiration challenge, this month was a Vintage T.Limoges Teacup and Saucer – and this was my contribution ! :)

The fabric is very pretty and is printed to look like embroidery, even close up. In fact, I loved the print so much, it was hard to cut into it, for fear of losing some of the pattern. Used as much of it as I could. The gold trim was to add a bit a bit of decadence – just like the Cup and Saucer !

If you’d like to see more of what we made – head over to my blog – hope to see you there.

Keep up the good work here ! I love your creations and have a nose at them regularly :)


Good morning :)

I made this vintage Butterick dress a little while back. Thought you might like to see it as the fabric is Horrockses, from the V & A.


It was pretty straight forward – although I literally had to squeeze the waist ties out of the last bits of fabric and do pleats instead of gathers to make it work.. that’ll teach me to not buy enough! :)


All in all though, I was happy with the results and love the fabric!

I look forward to seeing more of your creations soon… what are you making?

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Lucy xx


Hello! With my first post last week I mentioned that I made my own wedding dress recently and asked if you’d like to see it. Some ‘yes’ replies have prompted me to post it here :)

It’s lace with an under layer of satin silk. I used a pattern for the top part and the skirt kind of evolved over time from slightly gathered to several panels (the lace was only wide enough for this rather than full circle) which were un-noticeable once finished. It was boned – it’s funny wedding dresses have a surprising amount of layers which I thought would be bulky, but not at all. I think I added four layers of netting in total for a full 50s look.

I really wanted something quite simple and of course, 50s inspired. The rest of the wedding was quite kitsch and I didn’t want to over do it on the dress!
We got married in a theatre and although it was winter it was warm enough for no sleeves –  I did make a little lace jacket too just in case but didn’t get around to wearing it!

My lovely friend, Sarah Belinda who is a dressmaker who helped me with it, surprised me by sewing in a scalloped edge on the petticoat – really pretty. The satin silk trim on the waist was a late addition.

If anyone is thinking of making their own wedding dress – I really recommend it. I’m very happy to give any advice (that I can) you can leave a comment here or email me via my site

Thanks for looking! :) xx