silk taffeta ruffle wrap dress I saw this dress as part of the J.Crew wedding collection. Now, I’m not into wearing pink, especially not this obvious a shade and ruffles have never factored into my wardrobe, at least not since my mother stopped making my clothes. However, I loved it and actually thought it would [...]


I found this dress pattern in the maternity section at Lanetz Living. That’s probably why it was there long enough for me to debate for weeks to buy it. I’m not sure many modern women want to knowingly make a muu-muu to wear when they’re pregnant. However, since I wasn’t in the “family way” I [...]


There are two different Sew Retro-related groups on Flickr.Is there any way they can be combined into just one? Sew Retro Pictures – 17 months oldSew Retro pattern swap and share – 6 months


My petticoat is here! Ordered on the 26th, received the 29th. It arrived a bit scrunched but after a dunking in water and a little drying time (thanks for the heads-up Petula Darling!) it’s good as new. Here are the before and afters:


More than a year ago, I claimed to be making a retro inspired dress using a Target tablecloth as fabric. Well, I finally finished it last week. It feels good to be done…but it doesn’t fit! Well, it fit when I cut it out (a year ago). It fit when I attached the bodice lining [...]


I am surprised no one has mentioned this already. The latest issue of Threads is all about sewing vintage patterns and fashion designs. By following that link you will also be able to read some online extras from the issue. It’s a great issue. One of the treats in the issue is that it takes [...]


Wonderful Emilio Pucci pattern available at Lanetz Living for $100. This skirt, available at Anthropologie for $128.

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Has anyone here ordered vintage patterns from Out of the Ashes Collectibles before?What did you think? They seem to have an incredible selection with a lot of stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else.Believe me, I have looked. Thanks.


Thanks everyone for the encouragement! After I decided to re-cut one piece and I like it much better. I now have the left side of the back matched up. I did realize not to match the right side because it would look too strange since both sides are from almost the exact same section of [...]


This dress is the one from last year that I wanted to make out of a tablecloth from Target. I chose the pattern (McCall’s 5042) because of the amount of fabric I thought I had. However, the bodice uses princess seams in the front and back and I didn’t realize how much of a problem [...]