Vintage Sewing


By on September 17, 2015

Earlier this summer, I decided I needed some new shorts.  I wanted something very 40s-ish…high waisted, side opening, pleats.  I hunted around until I found this patternpic4Very simple style but so very perfect!

I had to size the pattern up a bit, but that wasn’t hard.  It only had 3 pieces.  I transferred over the markings for the pleats, as well.  Going through my stash, I found a red gabardine to make a working muslin.    It had a nice weight to it and it was very soft.  Sewing went very quickly.  The pleats are sewn down on the front.  The directions didn’t call for it, but I used my fancy stitches on my machine to put a  little diamond on the end of each line of stitching to make it sturdier and of course, for pretty.

I put snaps in the side closing and me made bias tape in a  cute plaid from my stash. I didn’t put buttons down the side.  But  since I wanted them to have the sailor look, I added big white buttons down the front on both sides.

I think I like them.  The leg opening is very large and drafty.  🙂  Something about the front crotch doesn’t seem right, but I’m not sure what it is.


My husband assures me he thinks they’re cute.  HOWEVER, he also kept calling them my Mickey Mouse pants.  *harrumph*  Not sure how much I trust HIS judgement!


Since he kept calling them Mickey pants, I decided I might as well go all the way.  Using some vintage  Mickey and Minnie fabric I had, I made a little sleeveless shell to wear with them.  They do make a really cute little outfit

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