Remember the loud frock made from 1970s curtains? Here’s another version. I made the collar taller and squarer for a more 50s shape and found a great yellow and grey polka dot voile for more era-appropriateness. But it’s still a 1970s pattern. I hope someone spots the 1970s shape of the sleeve caps and has [...]


A friend of mine was de-stashing and she gave me mountains of old curtains in a splendid 1970s floral. So I made a shirtdress from 1967 pattern Style 1542 and I reckon it’s a corker! The heavier-weight cotton twill and awesome 3/4 circle skirt is fantastically swingy. Hooray for benevolent friends! I think I’m going [...]


Last time I posted a bolero here there were widespread casualties from bad punning. This time I’ll spare you the dreadful jokes and just show you the garment. Look, it’s lacking a bit of polish, but the lines are pretty darn close to some of the true New Look jackets I love so much…. more [...]

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I worked like a demon to finish this one for the Pattern Review Vintage Pattern Challenge and went to upload it… only to find that a contest closing on 1 May ACTUALLY means it closes on 30 April. Bummer. Anyhoo, here it is, the Post-it Dress, named so because it’s exactly that yellow colour. More [...]


I was completely surprised to see that the BurdaStyle Heidi dress, shown here with bizarre styling typical to BurdaStyle, actually has lines not dissimilar to many a 1950s wiggle dress. Don’t believe me? Well, checkitout: Cap sleeves: check. Fitted bodice: well, with a little tweaking, check. Practical and sassy pockets: check. You folks will forgive [...]


The term ‘low-hanging fruit’ is bandied about in managerial and corporate circles to describe an easy win. Why do the hard stuff when the easy stuff is right there? Well, I’m reclaiming the term for this frock that I whipped up to restore my can-do attitude before I work on my troublesome drafted-from-scratch pattern later [...]


Arachnophobes, read no further, because this post (and this frock) is covered in spiders: It’s a complete dud. Cute 1970s pattern, so I thought: but the result looks like Polygamist Compound attire. Bill, I’m just popping back to Juniper Creek to conspire against you with my demonic false prophet father, mmmkay? Ughh. If any Sew [...]


You might understand my predicament. A pathological drive to hoard scraps left after sewing projects. A compulsive attraction to old fabric and loud prints. A sewing room of finite dimensions. I proffer a solution. Make a bedspread by sewing ‘em all together in a haphazard fashion that demands the very fewest number of cuts so [...]


New Year’s party. 1950s theme. Needed new frock, obviously. Started one…. complete disaster – too small plus too hot for the putrid heatwave we had that day. So I rumaged in the Pile of Shame and pulled out this unfinished frock… I cut it a bit too long in the bodice and was pretty cranky [...]


Second bash at the Keep It Simple frankenstein – introducing the Frocker Spaniel.Not entirely happy – I narrowed the shoulders a little too much. Fits well, but visually I like a little more width at the top. I’m very pleased with the piping and pockets though. And the awful punny title.