I have been given the fabric above. Believe its 60s or 70s (thanks Mrs Bee for that identification). Now it looks like I have about 2 metres and a bit but it seems quite narrow (I’ll measure it properly tonight). I’d like to make something from the era it came from to wear. Can [...]


So I bought Gerties book for better sewing and have been reading it cover to cover. I decided to start at the begining and go for the first pattern. The pencil skirt. Yes, I am finally going to start the tartan pencil skirt. There were various colours to choose from but I went for blue. [...]


So this is a project i’ve been thinking about doing for a while but with onset of cold weather thought it was about time I took the plunge and made myself a hat…well upcycle. Started with a cheap bog standard hat I got in a sale for £3. And using the instructions from a make [...]


I always have a project in mind for a dance outfit. And I saw a post today on a blog highlighting another post about the outfits in stage door.  Ginger Rogers in Stage Door   I like the thought of a ‘playsuit’ but with a matching detachable skirt. As I’d wear it purely for dancing [...]


So as you might have read I have been attempting for over a year to make a regency dress. But really struggled with getting anything to fit/not look like a bedsheet. I did finally come up with 2 ‘outfits’ using the same dress as a base. Used my original mock up (bed sheet) as a [...]


Yep, already thinking about winter. Well autumn, winter, spring and summer apart from the fortnight heatwave that happens. lol! I have a navy blue skirt I love and wear very often and it got me thinking I need a suit, matching skirt and jacket. Although I’d wear the jacket more as a ‘coat’. Now I [...]


I’m not sure if a regency dress counts as ‘Retro’ but wanted to get as many opinions as possible. I’m going ot Jane Austen Festival, Bath this year. And last week I thought I’d put off making the dress long enough. The date had been rushing towards me and I haven’t event thought about the [...]


So I’m needing a 1940′s impression dress but I wanted it to look as authentic as possible. Taking in the considerations of how rationing in the UK would have affected fabric etc. First problem what type of fabric? I know silk was in short supply so that’s out. Cotton? Rayon? Something else? And then you [...]


So I’m a thrifty girl at heart when it comes to sewing. Can’t stand waste and will always try to find ways of saving money when sewing. Even if it means cutting corners (like not lining) or changing closures. So I had 2 metres of fab kath kidson-esque 100% cotton fabric. I could see my [...]


I have 2 metres of retro looking fabric which I can just imagine as a circle skirt but….it’s only 45″ wide. So the pattern peice won’t fit on the fabric. I have an idea which is to fold the pattern peice in half and make it shorter (kneelength) in order for it to fit the [...]