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by KristinaM on July 10, 2014 · 4 comments

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Okay So i am making these cute little shorts, not sure if there retro isn or not but they are adorable.

Well I cut out the patten and figured out my size, and i’m stumped about this part of the pattern. I’ve made lots of bloomers for a show once but they never had a fly extension. And this pattern is not making it easy to decode and the instructions are useless…

Thats the pattern piece i am stuck on, any help would amazing.



So after many weeks of reading about spandex and how terrifying it was to sew with. I stocked up on some stretch needles, good thread and fearlessly cut my suit out. The Butterick

Either I have a real knack for sewing, or spandex likes me, no idea. It came together in about 8 hours, and its the most adorable suit and I feel much more myself in it then when I wear a two piece and say hell to the world. I love my body, so you judging me won’t bother me. But my extra few pounds from the school year does hinder me with my confidence, even when I know I look just fine. I’ve lost 75 pounds few years ago, and i constantly strive to eat healthy and stay motivated.

Any who, I got matte look spandex in lovely turquoise. I had to change the halter, to actual straps to help support the cleavage. I may go back in and add some extra padding to help give a tad more support. I cut a size 14, and it fits pretty well, i had to take in the bra cups, there was 4 cup sizes to choose from, I cut a C, but found it large so I had to take it in somewhat, So I suggest maybe going down a size, or like i might do build up padding support. Its also inner lined with polylaminate foam, which I had to order online from a bra making store online.

Each seam is sewn three times for extra precaution, two long straight stitches and one zig zag. Sides are gathered to make ruching. The back and leg elastics gave a little trouble lying flat when flipped over, it tended to bubble/tunnel slightly. That might just be my in experience.

It’s fully lined with the spandex, so it gives great stomach control!. And i finally tested out one of my twin needles! to hem and topstitch the bottom of the skirt part!

I have no one to really take so i had to use the handy timer.

That is all! Hope you like it!


New Here!

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Hi I’m kristina! You can call me Krissy or Tina, or Kris.  I’m a theatre tech student who loves to sew and going to a costume design school in the fall( Fanshawe College) to learn even more about tailoring and historical clothing, millinery, and all that sorts. I’m still getting used to wordpress, I really have no idea how to do this picture thing.

I have one dress from Butterwick,  B5882- Done in cottons, its fully boned, lined, complete with a waist stay. It’s comfortable and fit perfectly in a size 12 generally I cut a size 14.  The pleating was the first pleating I have ever done and was a learning experience.  It was the first 50′s dress I ever made and I love it to death. I wore it to my schools open house and even though you can’t see it I does have a crinoline underneath it!

The blue dress is Vintage vogue- V-8874

It was fun to make and relatively easy.  I missed up the hem! The short pattern was to my ankle! and there was a longer version! I’m only 5’4.  So I tried to shorten it and in majority of it was even, only to find out when i put it on the right front went up! So to solve that problem I just sewed the matching green ribbon to cover up my mistake.

The third dress is not so vintage, but a costume I made for Toronto’s Fan expo! Yes I’m from Canada.  Its Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity!  I added it since it has a slight Regency Flair to it. It’s made out of tessa satin, georgette, and chiffon in the back. I had to hand sew all those lovely pearls, it was lovely.

I have a actual regency pattern in the mail with lovely fabric waiting for it.  I have also a corset in the works slightly french revolution.

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