On a whim, I decided my daughter needed another dress, and by amazing coincidence I like to make dresses! Who knew? I had a perfect pattern from a huge eBay lot, and while all the pieces were present, when I opened them up I found that… SOMETHING had been nibbling on the pattern tissue! Gross! [...]


As promised, here is my second new dress in as many weeks! I started with McCalls 5808, dated 1961, and a gloriously retro-looking Amy Butler print. I love peonies – and they are the state flower here in Indiana! The construction of the dress, while simple, was pretty interesting – the bodice is faced, the yoke [...]


This is one of two vintage dresses I’ve made for myself this month (the second is awaiting a belt). I had a pair of vintage spectator pumps, and really needed something to wear with them. This was my first time using a Retro Butterick reprint. You might not be able to tell from the finished [...]


(inspired by this piece of awesomeness that I saw on the internets) Do you guys have this problem? I sew quite a bit, for myself and for my daughters, and I have a sewing business making specialty items for which I am fairly well compensated (not a gazillionaire by any stretch – but I make [...]


We’ve been going through some tough times in my family lately. I needed a bright cheerful dress that I could sew from my stash. Dresses make everything better, don’t they? The fabric is an Amy Butler print (I can’t remember which line) that just struck me as being soooo cheerful. I love that the newer [...]


So, if you’ll recall, back in December I made skirts and blouses for both of my girls, with the idea that I could then make skirts of different material for Easter. It turns out that skirts weren’t the best idea, since neither girl has a waist to speak of, but I already had the Kaufman [...]


Even though I didn’t have anything more exciting than church planned for New Year’s Day, I thought a new dress would be in order. Continuing my pretty well-documented shirtwaist fetish, I tried out one of my latest eBay acquisitions, Simplicity 3580 from 1961. The pattern called for button links, and as luck would have it I [...]


I didn’t wait until the very last minute, I promise. I actually finished these a few weeks ago but am a very lax blogger! My girls and I of course needed new holiday dresses – they have grown, and I have acquired a crinoline petticoat. I had gobs and gobs of Sheri Berry 12 Joys [...]


I went into JoAnn’s for ONE THING, I swear. It wasn’t my fault that they had this awesome Alexander Henry “land of autumn” print on clearance for $3 A YARD, so I did the only sensible thing, which was buy the bolt end. There was a bit more than 4 yards, which is the bare [...]


I came across this pattern while idly browsing through Flickr a while back. And found, much to my surprise, that Patterngate still had it in stock, and it’s my size!! Of course I bought it right away, what else was I supposed to do? My 8 year old daughter and I are taking a train [...]