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Valentine Theme Apron from Simplicity 4479 – undated pattern

By on January 25, 2011

Red & Gold scroll heart shapes cotton print paired with gold tone silk dupioni to create this vintage inspired frilly Valentine theme apron. My first time using this pattern so maintained the sizing and not many changes to the original details of Simplicity 4479
However, the waist tie was kept small and the shoulder straps were cut in 1 piece instead of two. Always needing to add an original touch, met that need by creating a hair bow to compliment the apron.
Apron front view:

Apron Back View:
Well this is a very slim dressform, and still the back does not close nearly as tightly as the pattern shows Whoo Whee – this one size fits all pattern, really only fits a slim person. Waist 24 to 28 inches. Well gosh, I have not seen that size in 40 years. So it will take some revisions to make this style fit a wider range of body sizes. 😀

Still, it is cute as is and will look lovely on a slim frame. I think it will be worthwhile to revise, alter and update this pattern. The frills are enchanting. It was fun to make the ruffle, even though time consuming. My ideas are: to lengthen the bib to come higher and look more flattering on a fuller bust; to increase the width of the center panel just a tad; to make neck straps that tie/or a halter strap, rather than shoulder straps; keep the waist tie narrow.

For those of you who, like me, revel in details, construction specifics on my blog.

Jane of Felt Sew Crafty and A Tranquil Nook

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Does Anyone Know – how to check for copyright

By on July 5, 2010

Some of you know me as Felt Sew Crafty as well as Glorious Hats. My passion for vintage, retro and even current sewing patterns has resulted in a large personal collection as well as a search and share hobby business. Recently I’ve been listing to sell a few of the sewing resource books that have helped me along the sewing vintage path. As I scanned this one to list, it occurred to me that this is one that really ought to be available to everyone and instead of listing it to sell would like to scan it and put it up either in my flickr album or on my blog (or maybe both).

Any ideas on how one checks if it is legally permissible to copy and post this book? The copyright date is 1936, 1939, published by The Singer MFG. Co. I’ll start by googleing Singer MFG Co. Thoughts to point me in the right direction will be very appreciated.


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Sewing Adverts from the late 1940s

By on April 18, 2010

Ah ah, Oh my stars and garters! Just discovered these thanks to American Duchess, who discovered them from la Chatelaine Chocolat – who got it from a friend on Facebook – whose addy I do not have ….. but you get the idea of how the finding spreads 😀

A real treat for me and I hope for all of you too.

Here are a few still from the film to whet your appetite

To see the film click here.

Or a link to this film and two very short ads here.


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3 Jumpers for 3 Sisters

By on December 14, 2008

Cotton/lycra corduroy, cotton lined bodice, snowflake waist corsage – attaches to button at waistline, vintage buttons. Modern sewing methods used. Serge finished skirt and waist seams. Altered patterns to hopefully fit the 3 sisters; lined the bodice rather than face with corduroy; extended front flap. Same pattern as this blue jumper posted in Oct 2008. That was the test, and after that one extended the front so there was more overlap.

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Girl’s Corduroy Jumper – McCall’s Pattern 3831, vintage 1988

By on October 19, 2008

The jumper:

The pattern:
Things I did different than the pattern:
Instead of putting fashion fabric casings at neck, front edge and armholes, the top is underlined with a silky cotton.
All edges are top-stitched. Interfaced the front edge under the button/button hole areas.

Serged the hem edge; serged the skirt side seams and waist seam after sewing the seams.

Top stitched the waist; after pressing the waist seam up and catching the seam in the top stitching.

What I would do different next time:
The buttons were the size recommended on the pattern, but once finished seem a bit shallow to me. I will extend the overlap another 1/4 to 3/8 inch the next time.

More details and photos on my blog. It is a really sweet jumper and worked up nicely in this vintage corduroy.

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Aprons for Lil Girls

By on July 28, 2008

Size 4 and size 6 aprons based on this Vogart Pattern. Modifications included lining the bib, lengthening the skirt, making the skirt more full, took tucks in the sides to allow room for growth and added bias tape tabs to hide the tuck as well as to add color and style.

The size 2 made in pinafore/sundress style using a 1970’s Stretch and Sew pattern.

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