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SOS- Assistance Please!

By on May 11, 2014

Hi! Its me again. Okay, long story short, I made a playsuit/jumper/sunsuit. Its cute. See?



Slight problem though. Without the creative scrunching of fabric, well…

Its a box. A cute box but still.

Im an Apple shape and so if you put a box on a box its… well a box. From head on the playsuit is charming, probably due to the adorable heartshaped thing I’ve got going. But from the side the line from the , er… biggest point of my bust falls straight to the biggest point of my belly in a straight line. I need to emphasize my underbust line which is the smallest point of my body and keeps me from looking well…

Heres an image In Production which highlights the problem:



Any advice? I’ve played with darts but its not achieving the VaVaVOOM that I know I possess. (After all, I buy the bras lol)

I intend to wear it with a skirt and a bolero a La:



Thank you!

http://pleasantlymalformed.blogspot.com/2014/05/mccalls-6969.html (The post about the Playsuit)

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Where There’s Smoke… Theres FIRE!!!

By on November 17, 2013

So you remember way back when, when I worked for hancock?? Well, I bought this fabric. Covered in half naked cowboys and old red pick ups-with plenty of aloe for soothing after you burn yourself with looking wink wink, Anyway, I decided to make Gertie’s easy jacket from her Butterick line and use this for the lining.

ah La:


Full Length Double-Breasted Coat Pattern by Gertie b582

BUTTERICK RETROLOOK COAT Full Length Double-Breasted Coat Pattern by Gertie b5824 Ms Sz 6-14 or 14-22 Uncut Factory Folded


And I’ve got this fabric, right? Its a weird sort of weave with curlique clouds all up on it. Anyway, I decided to pair the two together, because it kinda looked like steamy smoke. And where theres smoke, there’s hothothot FIREY cowboy.


Because I say so.


Here are some In Production Photos






pockets designed so whenever I stick my hand in I get a palmful of HIM.








Fueled By Pepsi









Here is where I set in the bodice lining, and the pockets.


And  didn’t take anymore photos until just now to show the finished product lmao.













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Wedding Dress…For Everyday!

By on May 24, 2013


Hey All!

First time posting, long time lurking lurker here. 🙂

So it was a month ago, whilst looking for a good pattern of a wedding dress for my sister when I stumbled upon this pattern:


Through a series of coincidences I managed to snag it for my very own! I LOVE THIS PATTERN! The lines and simplicity speak to me on so many levels! I want to be married in this gown. I want to DIE in this gown.

…. maybe I’m being a little overdramatic. <.<    >.> Oh well!

It came together like a dream, my very first truly VINTAGE pattern. I was singing the whole time I sewed. (I was also watching horror movies while I sang and sewed so it kind of scared my pets and my visiting sister but hey, do what you feel like, right?)

I found myself marveling about these wedding patterns. Unlike the haute couture gowns I see on T.V. or the cookie-cutter gowns at David’s Bridal these gowns had a background in reality. A simple raised hem and elbow sleeves in cotton makes a fabulous bridal gown into a lovely day gown! I am absolutely floored by it!

I used a cotton I picked up at a dying Hancock Fabric store for a smile and a song, vertical stripe-like pattern of black, grey and white birch trees with an occasional red cardinal sitting amungs the branches. This is literally my first ‘wearable’ muslin of this dress, which fits PERFECTLY. Fate, no?

Anyway, now to the pictures!!


Anyway, I am absolutely IN LOVE with this gown. I’ll be making it as a wedding dress in ivory creme satin later, and probably a long sleeved version for fall sometime! More pics and things at my blog as well as a lovely picspam/picporn of some awesome 50’s Bridal Patterns!



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