I cut my fabric for my dress. I don’t know what I was thinking but Instead of lengthening with the pattern I made it too short. I have some fabric left over so I’m wondering what would be the best way now to add some length so my bum doesn’t hang out.


My husband picked this up for me at a garage sell for $20. I’ve never seen a base like this or one thats only a torso. Is this a vintage form? Can anyone give me any kind of info on it?


I scored this awesome pattern on ebay for $4.50 It’s so freaking cute i plan on doing the C version. Has anyone else used this pattern? I’d like to see some finished or in progress projects. Also I bought this in a 13 and I need to adjust it to a 14, can anyone give [...]


I’ve seen different patterns for lingerie but nothing that I’m looking for. Heres an idea. Its an all in one girdle i think. I’m trying to find similar patterns (whether it be bras, girdles…etc) But if you have one for an all in one then thats the best. Can you help me out?


Finally i finished a project. It took forever but eventually I got it done and its super cute (minus some of the crappy seam jobs in areas) anyway its a dress I made for my daughter. Simplicity E1863 sz A. Its a little big still and she wouldn’t set still so I could get a [...]

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This top is crazy cute. So expensive though and I want it to fit me right. I’ve looked and can’t find a pattern anywhere thats even remotely similar. Any suggestions?


First let me say hello to everyone since this is my very first post on this site, I’m not an experienced sewer and I thought you guys could help me out with my dilemma. I bought this pattern because it was cheap and it said it was easy, my sister says it looks like something our [...]