To celebrate reaching 100 followers I want to do a little give away. I have not yet gotten around to sewing this pattern yet, and with the current to-do list I have set for myself, it seems this beautiful pattern won’t be sewn anytime soon! Such a shame for it to be sitting on my [...]


I purchased this pattern on Etsy about two months ago. It says it is for ladies 5’1″ and under. Being 5’5″ I was a tad concerned but I loved the dress/jacket combo so much I took a risk and bought it. The patterned turned out to be fine for my height. As I worked a [...]


I have been doing a lot of ‘searching’ on Etsy lately. An act not motivated by shopping, but by the desire to learn more about vintage styles throughout the decades. And I think sewing patterns really are a good place to start this sort of ‘through the decades’ research. When vintage sewing patterns were first [...]


Hi Everyone! My name is Sam and I write a sewing/quilting/vintage blog called All Things Quilty… and Sewy! I am thrilled to be part of the Sew Retro blog and am looking forward to sharing my sewing projects and vintage finds with you all. Let me tell you a bit about me I am an [...]

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