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By on June 28, 2010

Finally, I finished my first ever almost solo home sewing clothes pattern. I am Very Proud of myself. For more details on the pattern, the lessons learnt and the mistakes I made (not to mention the skinny on why I’m standing in such a strange pose) please visit my blog.

Thanks to everyone who commented with advice and support on my sleeve problems, much appreciated!


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Vintage Sewing

Another newbie introduction

By on June 27, 2010

Good evening/ afternoon/ morning (delete as applicable!). I’m Toria and I’m yet another lurker and now new poster to Sew Retro. I firstly want to thank all of you for your fabulous clothes posts, you’re all an inspiration to me and I’m vastly jealous of your sewing skills. As a new sewer my sewing skills are pitiful and I’m making quite a few silly mistakes from not being able to insert a button placket to choosing a complicated vintage shirt pattern as my first solo mission (and failing … again). If you’re interested in the trials and tribulations of my stupidity then please visit me at my blog Welsh Pixie.

I also have several patterns I’ll be giving away that I recently inherited but aren’t to my personal taste. I’ll be posting details back here in case anyone’s interested as soon as I’ve got them all sorted and photographed.

Hope to see you soon!

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