It’s another dress inspired by the early 30s! Seems I’m pretty fond of them right now… I love this silhouette, and it’s so much fun to play around with a “new” (to me) era =) This dress is really two separate dresses. The bottom is an interlocked jersey, sleeveless. It’s finished and can be worn [...]


Hello! I’m so slow in posting here… Mainly it’s because a lot of my sewing nowadays is in jersey. So modern sewing, albeit I do give the patterns a bit of a vintage feel =) So anyway, here comes three outfits in one go! At the end of summer I finally managed to complete two summer [...]


I know, spring is on the way, but this dress took a while longer to make… So, here’s the last wool sewing for this season: It’s sort of 40s style, drafted from my sloper. Originally I thought of it as a late 40s style, but the puffy sleeves brings late 30s, early 40s to mind. [...]


I have a question to you all: is it ok to post selfdrafted sewing projects? Since I have a ton of fit issues, some pattern drafting experience, a great blockpattern and it’s really hard to come by interesting vintage patterns in Sweden (and customs on stuff from US Ebay is through the roof!), I seldom [...]


Hi everyone! I’ve been skulking in the shadows for ages, but finally decided to start posting as well. So exciting! =) My name is Erika, I live in northern Sweden and I love to sew. I come from a family of women who do all sorts of crafts, so when I left home at 20 [...]