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Another post! Here is a look at the dress I created to wear to the Mid Atlantic Air Museum‘s  enormous air show and WWII reenactment in June. This is an annual event at the museum and one you should not miss!

My 1940s "Red Birds Dress" using McCall 5724. Photo in front of the war bird B-25J Mitchell WWII bomber "Briefing Time"

I call this my “Red Birds Dress.” It was another “limited fabric so cut carefully” projects. Like my recent birthday dress, this fabric came from my mom’s sewing stash. Although it’s cotton she decided it wasn’t suitable for quilting. This fabric had been waiting quietly in the vintage/modern stash for just the right pattern to come along. Because it was just shy of 3 yards and only 32 inches wide, I knew I would be somewhat limited as to what I could do with it. The pattern I used was McCall 5724. I made view B. The dress has pockets!

McCall 5724. It has pockets!

The back of the bodice is fitted with small darts. The front is fitted with small darts and shearing at the shoulders. Four rows of gathering stitches were made then each drawn up to fit between the corresponding marks on the pattern. The edges of the bodice front pieces are lapped and the top stitched in place.

Vintage "Glamour Girl" buttons pinned in place. Also a good look at the lapped seam and shoulder shearing.

The buttons, buckle, and fabric for this dress are all vintage and come from the stash. As usual, there are more pictures of this project on my blog.

My 1940s "Red Birds Dress" using McCall 5724. Photo in front of the war bird B-25J Mitchell WWII bomber "Briefing Time"


Another finished project to share with you today. This the dress I made for my birthday last month. I call this my “Violets are Blue and Purple Birthday Dress.”

The dress was made from two different vintage patterns. The bodice from McCall’s 8949 (1950s) and the skirt from McCall’s 5812 (1960s).

The fabric came from my mom’s sewing stash. It had some light staining, probably from storage, which mostly came out in the wash. The marks were difficult to cut around but are not all that noticeable on the finished dress. I also had a limited amount of fabric so matching the print was a bit of a challenge. Overall I’m very happy with it and really enjoyed having something fun and pretty to wear for my birthday. :)


Just a quick post today. I would like to share the prom dress I made this spring for my friend’s senior prom. Abby wanted something different and really special for her senior prom. So when she asked me about helping her create this particular dress I was super excited. I created a version of the black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn during the very beginning of the 1961 movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
You can see construction pictures here and here on my blog.

Photo by Kate Garaffa


Photo by Kate Garaffa

The pattern I used Butterick 2460 from the 1960s. It has the same gathered waist and an almost identical bodice. The skirt needed to be lengthen and of course the back changed. I also moved the zipper from the center back to the left side.

A couple different mock-ups were needed to adjust the fit and to get the back to look just right. In the end I think it turned out really well and Abby looked amazing! If anyone is interested you can see photos of another prom dress I made here and here.


My 2014 Sew for Victory dress, finished at last and I wanted to share a few pictures. I first posted about this sewing project here when I revealed my fabric and pattern. The vintage fabric I picked up somewhere ages ago, I really can’t remember! It was super light and perfect for this late 1930s dress. A little surprise was finding the original price tag still attached. :) The next time I wear the dress I’ll be sure to pick a longer slip to wear underneath. This was actually the first time I put everything on together and it was only then that I realized the slip was a little on the short side for this dress. Oops.

The pattern I used was McCall 3306 from March 1939. (I only know that because the date was stamped on the inside of the pattern envelope.) After some debate I decided to make the double collar with the lace. I really like how it looks on the dress but I’m not super crazy about it on me.

Here is the mostly finished dress.

The hat my own creation and very much inspired by those darling doll and tilt style hats so popular in the late 1930s. I actually used a straw dolls hat as my base. After a quick soak in some warm water I re-shaped it, let it dry over night then added a bit of antique velvet ribbon.

Be sure to check out the Sew for Victory Flickr album to see pictures of everyone’s finished projects. :) Rochelle of Lucky Lucille will also be putting together a project parade video so be sure to look for that on her blog.