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Gingham Pin-Up Swimsuit!

By on June 21, 2015

Hi All,

I was so inspired by my last bathing suit, that I knew I wanted to do another vintage inspired one right away- but this time I wanted to go a little more 50’s pin-up! So I made this!



IMG_2091 IMG_2066

This is my longline bikini bra top with high waisted bottoms- I’m really liking the proportion of a longline top and the highwaisted bottoms (and matching headband contributed by my mom)! I made it with this beautiful pinky-peach and white gingham swimwear fabric  and of course added lots of ruching details to give it that vintage vibe!


I drafted this top to be a strapless bra style, lined it with foam on the cups, 15 denier on the bridge, swim lining on the front and powernet on the back. And I added some boning at the side seams and the back edges so it would lay nice and flat on the body!


I finished the back off with a three strap/three G-hook closing using 3/4″ elastic covered in my swimwear.

I’m so in love with my new suit! I was waiting to make a very 50’s inspired suit- I don’t know why it took me this long!! This suit makes me want to lay on the beach drinking champagne and eating strawberries and listening to some fun 50’s music …. so dreamy….


I better take Gibby along with me!

If you want to see more details about this suit- or any of the bathing suits I’ve done on my Bra-A-Week Challenge- or maybe to contribute your own- then don’t forget to check out my post!


Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!!


xo erin

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Glamour Swimsuit

By on June 16, 2015

Hi All!

Long time no-post here- I’ve been so busy over on my blog with my Bra-A-Week Challenge, making up lingerie and swimwear. But I made a very vintage swimsuit this week that I knew I had to share with you all! It is a one-piece suit, with a ruched front modesty panel and triangle cup-top, and the back is a non-ruched modesty panel with cut out-details!

IMG_2004 IMG_1994

I got the inspiration for this suit from my two of my biggest girl crushes: Lana Del Rey and Kiera Knightly. The front is inspired by this suit worn by Lana (not sure what it was from, could just be a photo shoot) and the back is inspired by the suit that Kiera Knightly wore in the movie Atonement (could I just have all of her clothes from that movie please??)

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.36.44 AM  Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.36.06 AM

I made it using this delicate printed swimwear fabric (because I’m not daring enough to actually wear white swimwear), and used some large brass coloured rings in the back for the details!


This was an entirely self-drafted pattern. I’ve made myself a base swimsuit sloper that I draft most of my swimwear from.  And it’s surprisingly easy to make any kind of swimwear from a good base sloper! Most of the edges of this swimsuit were finished with self-binding, except for the leg holes that I finished with all-rubber swim elastic, and the hem of the modesty panel that I just flipped up and stitched.  I also left a gap in the swim lining on the cups so I could put in molded triangle cups.




I LOVE my new suit!! You can check out more about this suit and my Bra-A-Week Challenge over on my blog- in case you are also a lingerie/swimwear maker who would like to join in the fun! 🙂

xo erin

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Vintage Sewing

Vintage Sewing-Themed Nightie!

By on May 21, 2014

Hi All!

Today I wanted to show you this nightie and matching sleep mask my mom made me!

She made it from this cute vintage pattern- I wish my  legs were as long as the girl in version B! lol

And even better it is made out of this super-soft and sewing-themed flannel!

It has been so nice and snuggly!


And after a few pictures and smothering Finn- he needed to borrow my sleep mask to take a little nap!


Hope you are all having sweet dreams!

If you want to check out more about this or my other sewing projects, make sure you check out my blog!

xo erin

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Pin-Up Girls: Vintage Inspired Bra

By on May 5, 2014

Hi All!

You may remember back in March when I showed you all my retro-inspired swimsuit I made at my course with Beverly Johnson.- Well I’m back with more! I’m currently taking her Boobcamp– and this time I brought my mom along! And just like the swim course I’m doing daily blogs to document all the fun I get up to!

But I thought I would share with you the bra that I made today in class- I felt it had a really retro vibe!

I’ve been so inspired by vintage lingerie, I made sure to make a pin board and get some good inspiration for the class- I have a feeling all my lingerie will have a very vintage feel to it!

The course is nothing short of what I expected- amazing- and it is even that much better because I got to bring my mom with me this time! Our progress through the day!

For this first bra I used her Pin-Up Girls ‘Classic Bra’ pattern, and I decided that I would do all this lace applique, because really who can resist this lace! – I did some on the band, and the ‘butterfly’ on the front of the cups (which is when you put lace on the center fronts of the cups and it looks like butterfly wings)

I chose this gorgeous blue fabric to go with the lace, and Beverly has little kits with all the matching findings to go with it- so happy that I don’t have to put  white/black/beige elastics and findings on everything!

I am so closed to being finished this bra! I will finish it tomorrow and put pictures of myself in it on my blog- it will also probably be my me-made item for MMMay14 too! (if I finish it by 11am and wear it- it counts!)

I’m so excited for the rest of the week- my week of sewing vintage style lingerie with mom! Alas if life could always be this sweet!

If you want to check out more pictures/ more info about this bra and my course then you can check out my blog!

xo erin

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TBT: My First Vintage Pattern Make

By on May 1, 2014

Hi All!


I’ve been doing a Throwback Thursday series on my blog, posting my makes from my pre-blogging days, and this Thursday I posted about my first vintage pattern make!

My first vintage make was this dress when I was 16 (about 7 years ago), although I had just turned 18 in this photo. Time flies…

I made it from this vintage Simplicity pattern 5040

Just a super-cute, shirt waist dress, with the adorable little pocket. I remember I was terrified for the notched collar, but the pattern instructions are so good in vintage patterns that I had no problem. I wasn’t brave enough to set in a sleeve however, and instead I decided to ditch the sleeves and make it sleeveless with a little binding edge. I’m still happy with my decision.

Still loving this pocket!

I was also too afraid to do buttonholes, so I would just pin the top and wear that wide elastic belt over it- it worked!

I remember being quite smitten with this dress and wearing it to highschool all the time- which all my ripped jeans and Hollister hoodie classmates thought was quite eccentric. I was a trend setter- only nobody followed my trends…

Did you have a really unique style during highschool? Did everyone give you the once-over in the hallways too?

Also, I have a longer post you can check out over on my blog!


xo erin

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1960s | Vintage Sewing

Vintage Barbie, the ‘Tressy* Wardrobe’

By on April 23, 2014

Hi All,

I was looking through my blog the other day, and I realized that I never shared this Barbie ensemble that my mom and I made for a friend’s granddaughter.

With the instructions of ‘fancy dress’ and ‘purple’ we set to work – hauling out one of our tiniest patterns!

The 1964 Tressy* Wardrobe- can I just say that I would like a Tressy* Wardrobe for myself- I would totally rock look #3!

But for our project Mom decided to make the overcoat featured in outfit #1, and I thought that Dress #5 would be ideal.

So I got out the little pattern pieces, and had a moment of swooning over the cuteness- they’re so little!

Purple velvet was the material of choice- and I decided to drop the front sash thing and make it strapless!

It was really easy to whip up, as you can see the seams are quite short- and I finished the back with snaps. With the dress and the other pieces that mom and I made, she had quite a snazzy ensemble.

So snazzy in fact, that I felt I had to make an adequately fashionable background for a photo shoot. (which I drew on craft paper stuck to the wall beside my bed, while my mom’s arm was expertly disguised under my duvet)

Here is the dress on its own, finished with a little silver trim.

The dress with the detachable overskirt that mom and I made with some purple tulle and ribbon.

And finally- the piece which I feel screams the most ‘Parisian chic’ – the velvet overcoat, trimmed in marabou

Yes, mom and I did re-live our childhood barbie dreams vicariously through this project- we may or may not have gotten a little too into this project- but I’m sure the little girl is very happy with her new Barbie attire.

If you want to see more pics and info about this project you can check out my blog!

This makes me miss my Barbie days – I had the house, the car, all the outfits (homemade and not)- I had an obsession 🙂  Did you love Barbies too?

xo erin

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Pin-Up Girls, Retro Swim Attire!!

By on March 22, 2014


First time poster- long time lurker- but I finally have something that I felt I needed to share!


This swimsuit was made from the Pin-Up Girls 2901 ‘Denise Swimsuit’ pattern, which is one of Beverly Johnson’s patterns. I have actually been lucky enough to take her master swimwear course!! It’s a 2 week course, all about making swimwear, and I just finished my first week of the course!

This is the second swimsuit I’ve made- and after my first, more plain suit, I knew I wanted to go with a vintage vibe for my second (who doesn’t secretly want to be a 50’s bombshell on the beach?).

So out came the flower print and in came the ruching!! This is a princess seamed suit- and I thought it would be perfect for that really retro look- so I added this ruched modesty panel to the center front.

A modesty panel is a piece that comes over the front and is supposed to hide the crotch area- it can go much lower almost like a skirt in the front. As you can see I’m not overly modest and mine stops at the top of the leg, haha, I added it more for the ruching.

What I love so much about this suit- beyond the fabric and the overall bombshell goddess feel- is that it’s really figure flattering, between the princess seams and the ruching over the tum- I’m laughing- well let’s just say that I’m confident enough wearing this that I can post a picture of myself on the internet in a swimsuit (eeek)!

But the really cool part about this swimsuit is the interior construction- this one has a ‘floating bra’ inside that is made with swim foam and regular channeling and underwire. If you don’t know much about Beverly Johnson aka ‘The Fairy Bra Mother’, her real forte is making custom bras and lingerie- so she has really incorporated that into her super supportive and flattering swimwear.

This really helps to give a much shapelier , 50’s hourglass look in a swimsuit!

After this course is over I can’t wait to go home and make swimsuits for all my super busty friends who refuse to go swimming with me because they can’t find swimsuits supportive enough to fit them!

I feel like I can take on any wave in this without any worries of a peek-a-boob incident- this suit isn’t going anywhere!

If you want to know more about this suit, swimsuit construction and this course, I am posting everyday of my course over on my blog!

Also I’m putting all my finished swimsuits up on PatternReview  if you want to know more about the Pin-Up Girl’s patterns!

Why can’t it be summer right now?

xo erin

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