I have recently been cleaning out some of my hoard of sewing patterns and books and thought you all might enjoy a few “fashion plates”. Above is the fashion plate for Peterson’s February 1879. It is the whole reason I started collecting Victorian fashion magazines. I completely fell in love with the black ensemble second [...]


Hi everyone! I have been lurking more than posting these days, but I recently made a discovery I couldn’t keep to myself. I just love Craigslit. I check it with enthusiasm daily. A few weeks ago a man posted that his wife’s Grandmother’s trunk had been found in the attic and it was full of [...]


I haven’t posted here in a long while. We have been going through a crazy move, and we still aren’t finished. We aren’t even sure where we will end up! There are possibilities of other states and all kinds of things! But I digress. I recently found a Rose Marie Reid swimsuit from the 1950s [...]


I am so excited to have made my first bustle of the season It’s Victorian/Steampunk in the most lovely shade of Antler (this was the color name on the bolt) of twill you ever saw! Ok, so I went a little crazy with the fringe, but that can be a good thing right? I think [...]


Aesthetically speaking this is one of my favorite sewing machines. I just adore the green color, and the body shape, which is oh so Mid Century. I found it last week while browsing Craigslist. The machine is basically a 15-91 with a makeover. It was only made for a short period of time before Singer [...]

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I had the good fortune of finding a really rare German Singer this weekend while I was out and about! Per the manual this machine is from 1961, and from Germany of course. It came in a neat-o Danish Modern sewing cabinet. More details on my blog!  


If you’re like me you’re a sucker for Vintage appliances. Of course, the appliances I love the most are Sewing Machines. This morning I came across a Singer 503 tucked away in a closet at an Estate Sale. It was even in the original case! <3 Singer 500 cases tend to be hard to find, [...]


Hi everyone! I thought I would stop by today and share a little sewing machine eye candy! I found this gorgeous Atlas machine at a yard sale today! It’s in great shape, but I did have to do a little cleaning and oiling. The machine sews like a dream! See more on my blog! EleanorMeriwether


Hi everyone! I hope you don’t mind if I share pictures of my favorite machine with you =] This is my Singer 201-2. This machine is very smooth and strong with a gear driven motor so there are no slips when sewing through thick fabric.┬áThis 201-2 is a rare blackside which means it was produced [...]


Ok, I know it has nothing to do with Sewing, but maybe Retro? I love love love to knit shawls, and I finally blocked all of mine out from last year (they had been worn until they no longer looked like shawls). Anyway, I’m super excited, and I thought you’d like to see a pretty [...]