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Hello Ladies!   You might not recognize me if I’m not wearing a 1950s dress, but I did indeed break away from that era and sew something from the 1940s!  Have many of you seen the new design that Simplicity released recently?  It’s a knee-length dress with 3/4 length sleeves, a princess seamed front panel, [...]


Hello Ladies! With how much sewing I’ve done this year, it seems hard to believe that I had not yet sewn one single 1950s dress until now!  The 1950s quickly became my favorite “wearable” era last summer when I discovered the fun of making Butterick’s “walkaway dress”, so you can be sure I snatched up [...]


Hello Ladies!   Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  (and Passover – I celebrate both!)  In celebration of this wonderful holiday when all vintage ladies used to purchase or make a completely new outfit, I decided to recreate a springy dress from one of my favorite movies of Hollywood’s Golden Era.  The film is [...]


Hello Ladies! Hope your sewing is going well this spring!  While I usually share pictures of my latest projects, I have recently been working on an article for fabric resources.  Let’s face it – fabric prices are getting ridiculously high! And I know many of us are small business owners in the design or sewing categories, [...]


Well, if you have seen many of the garments I’ve sewn, you may realize that I never actually use a “modern-day” pattern – they are all either Edwardian costumes or 1930-50s dresses.  So at the beginning of 2012 I decided I was going to use a real, all-out, modern pattern that I could actually wear [...]

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What does one do when their brother and his fiancee decide to move up their wedding to just two days later?  In my case I started sewing my bridesmaid dress just as fast as I could! And then what does one do when the same couple find out that the wedding dress is not being [...]


Hello Ladies! If any of you have ever watched the “Anne of Green Gables” series, you probably fell in love with the costumes immediately!  I know that was certainly the case in my own life, when watching the breathtaking film launched me into historical costuming many years ago. So as a tribute to the movie [...]


Well, I know Christmas has been over for a few days now, but I still wanted to post pictures of my festive dress that I made from the Butterick Retro 5556 design.  Like the blue silk dupioni version I made earlier this fall, this dress came together easily, though I did make a few changes [...]


Hello Ladies! This is one of my favorite dresses that I’ve sewn in a long time.  Using the “1910s Tea Gown Pattern” from www.sensibility.com , I changed the sleeve length, altered the overlay, added lace puffing, and sewed on some pleated ribbon trim for a gorgeous gown that is still similar to the original design.  I [...]


Hello Ladies! I’ve recently been sewing some dresses using two of my favorite fabrics – silk dupioni and silk shantung.  These gorgeous materials make the most stunningly elegant outfits, and they are just perfect for holiday ensembles.  But recently I’ve heard some people wondering, “What’s the difference between dupioni and shantung, anyhow?” I’ll admit that [...]